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Get Your Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Easily

Having a proper restraint system in your car is very important. It avoids mishap and other kind of untimely problems. Systems like a seat belt, air bags should be proper and in working condition. People need to check it time by time. In older cars simple use and dirt often causes the driver’s seat belt to become unable to recoil completely or slow sometimes. Other damages to the seatbelt which need to be inspected are:

•    Deployment
•    Worn or damaged seat-belt webbing
•    Nonfunctioning buckles
•    Other visible damages

Seat Belt tensioner Types

There are 3 types of seatbelt tensioners such as pyrotechnic, mechanic and electrical. It comes in the vehicle according to their model. The newest version of tensioner is the pyrotechnic. It uses electrically activated pyrotechnics which tighten the belt while sensing an accident/crash event. Such devices can function on the ratchet or buckle side of the mechanism of seatbelt. It is highly recommended to get a seat belt tensioner repair when in need.


Steps to repair

It requires following these steps in order to repair the damaged or nonfunctioning seat belt tensioner. Here are the steps:


•    Open the upper plastic trim’s section with flat screwdriver which encloses the knob of height adjustment.
•    Remove the both rear and front plastic trims of door ledge on the door pillar.
•    Pull the gasket off both the doors in the section which hold the lower plastic covering of seat belt to the pillar of door.
•    Clutching the cover trim of seatbelt near the floor, lift it out and disengage the existing ventilation air-duct. Remove it.
•    Grab the strap near coil. Pull it up.
•    Clean the dirt and dust wool which has possibly collected on the top and bottom guide where the seatbelt slide and in drum in which the strap is coiled.
•    Make the entire belt uncoiled. Spray it with Teflon. You should avoid spraying in the section which normally present outside of the door pillar. Uncoil and coil the belt properly to make it lubricated.
•    Depending on condition of recoil spring, the lubricating and cleaning may do the trick already.
•    Hold the trim present at the top and slide the cover in position. Now try the seatbelt out.


Please do get replacement or repairing of nonfunctioning seat belt tensioner only by a professional expert who are trained through experience and training. They know how to handle the mechanism of tensioner and serve in a better way as they have state-of-the-art technique to check and solve the exact problem.