How To Replace A Seat Belt

These days even the most powerful vehicles would not be able to make any sort of impression on the buyer if it does not have a properly-functioning seatbelt. The moment you get inside the driver’s seat it becomes mandatory for you to buckle up as soon as possible irrespective of the fact that you are going for a short or long trip. The drivers should wear their seat belt replacement in spite of the fact that your vehicle is moving at a snail's pace, you will still get hurt if you're not wearing your seat belt.

It is easier to replace the entire seat belt rather than replace a single part. In order to go in for the seat belt replacement it’s not necessary for you to dismantle the old pieces in order to insert a new belt.


Tips to replace seat belts

Here are some simple ways to replace a seat belt:


Tip # 1: You should first of all find those bolts which hold the ends of the prevailing seat belt in place. It may be that you may have to take off a plastic cover from the top of the bolts in order to see them. Depending on the maker of your vehicle, the bolts can be found attached to the side of the seat, the floor or even the side panel.


Tip #2: Release all of the ends of the old seat belt with the help of a wrench. It will be necessary for you to release the retractor side and also the side where the seat belt locks into it.

The new bolts should be lined up with the new retractor up to the holes where you will be placing the bolts into. 


Tip # 3: The new retractor should be bolted into place. It should be tightly fitted with the help of the wrench.


Tip # 4: In this step of going in for the seat belt replacement it is crucial that you should test the seat belt. This can be easily done by pulling the belt from the retractor and then allowing it to retract back into place.


Tip # 5: In the step of going in for the replacement, the tongue of the seat belt should be placed into the buckle. It should be pulled in order to make it stay locked into the buckle.


These are some of the ways to replace a seat buckle.