Some Great Uses for Seatbelt Webbing

One of the most important parts of your seatbelt is the webbing path. With a proper webbing path in place you will be able to provide your seatbelt a long life along with a proper fit.  Before you go about replacing seat belt webbing, it’s necessary you know that a seat belt has many uses. Here are some of its uses:


•    Create customized dog leashes: Before you go about replacing seat belt webbing, being aware of the fact that not every dog will need the same type of leash is important. With the help of these seat belt webbings it will be possible for you to make a custom length dog leash for your dog.

•    With the help of seatbelt webbing you can easily replace the broken straps or handles: Before you go about throwing away those old backpacks, broken bags and golf bags you can now create new and stronger straps from your seatbelt webbing. This can be made  the exact length which you may need. You can easily add these polyester webs to camera bags and guitars so that you will be able to carry them easily.

•    The lawn chairs or hammocks can also be repaired with it: It is also referred to as the lawn chair webbing. Being durable and low-stretch polyester, it is highly suitable for fixing and even in supplementing the framed lawn chairs. This also includes the other outdoor furniture as well as the hammock.

•    Replace the web of the older seats: These seatbelt webbings provide an economically friendly option when compared with the many other types of webbing and straps which can be used for the same purposes.

•    Secure tents: Before you go about replacing seat belt webbing you should be aware that the 2″ wide width of the polyester webbing is ideal for supplementing the straps on the tents. Due to its amazing water absorption power, it won’t rot like some of the other natural ropes.

•    Can be used to lift straps for heavy loads: You can also use the seatbelt webbings to make a lifting strap which becomes a handy tool. Use these to make the lifting easier on you and your workers!

•    Modern art pieces: Again technology has made it possible to convert these amazing seat belt webbings into recycled canvas frames to create modern art pieces. Out of a variety of seatbelts, the webbing so created can add visual interest to a square piece of art.

•    Purses and bags: Due to an advent of technology, the designers of today are designing exquisite bags and purses out of seatbelts. Because of the seatbelt material, the bags can easily withstand the normal wear and tear.