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How To Replace Seat Belt Buckle

One of the most widely used items in your vehicle is the seatbelt buckle. Overtime the catch which is located on the inside of the buckle becomes worn out. It will eventually lose its ability to hold the seatbelt safely and securely. If you find that the your seatbelt is not locking properly into the buckle or if you're able to pull it free without pressing the release button, then it's time that you go in and learn how to replace seat belt buckle. In many of the vehicles, it is very easy to access the buckle mounting. What’s more they can even be removed with simple hand tools. Here are some tips which will help you:


Step 1: In order to know how to replace seat belt buckle it is necessary for you to purchase a replacement seat belt buckle, many brands are available. It’s possible for you to purchase seat belt buckle replacements from any auto supply store or online. With luck by your side and if your car is less than a year old then you can easily purchase the replacement from the dealer or the manufacturer.


Step 2: If you wish to know how to replace seat belt buckle it is necessary for you to find the buckle’s mounting point in the car. In many cars the seat belt buckle is found bolted to the floor of the car.


Step 3: In order to replace the seat belt buckle it is necessary for you to first unscrew the bolt, washer and nut. You can easily do this by rotating the nut to the left with the help of an adjustable wrench. The bolt may be sticky if your car is older due to grime buildup or rust. If it is not possible to turn the bolt with a wrench which is adjustable, your next best bet for some extra turning power will be to use a torque wrench.


Step 4: In the last step if you still wish to learn how to replace seat belt buckle it is advisable that the new buckle is repositioned and screwed into place. It is possible to do this by making use of the new bolt, nut and washer which are included with the buckle.


So these are some of the simple steps with the help of which you can easily learn to replace the seat buckle.