An SRS Airbag Module Reset Is Essential To Surviving Your Next Collision

Car accidents don’t discriminate. They can happen to anyone at any time. Fortunately today’s modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated seat belts, computer-controlled air bags and other safety devices to help you stay alive and keep you from being injured. But after air bags have been through a collision, they won’t work right again unless you have an SRS airbag module reset performed by a car care professional.


What Does SRS Mean?

SRS stands for supplemental restraint system, but that doesn’t mean air bags are an unnecessary restraint system. You see, they’re supplemental because they work in conjunction with your seat belts to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible. Sure, they scare you when they deploy, but they save lives and prevent injuries too. In the days before air bags, many drivers sustained injuries from hitting the steering wheel of the car during an accident. Still other suffered broken backs from not being restrained enough by the seat belt and being forcibly folded in half by the enormous force of the impact in a serious collision.

A lifetime of pain from broken facial bones, a collapsed lung from broken ribs or requiring a wheelchair for the rest of your life are all possible results of a crash when both a primary and secondary restraint system are not used. Of course, death is possible too.


Why SRS Airbag Module Reset Is Essential

The airbag module is the device that tells the airbag when to deploy. But once the air bags have been deployed, this device won’t function correctly and with certainly again until it has been reset. This isn’t something you can successfully do yourself. It’s a service that requires the precision and experience of your car care professional.

While air bags can be refolded in many cases and put back in their positions after an accident, you shouldn’t assume that an SRS airbag module reset has been done unless you request it and pay for it. This relatively inexpensive and simple procedure is part of a complete safety restore that gets your car back to its original level of safety.

Without an SRS airbag module reset, there’s a very good chance your supplemental restraint system won’t deploy the next time you need it. And that means you could suffer a serious, life-changing injury unnecessarily.