VW Jetta Airbag Light Reset

Need VW Jetta Airbag light reset?

If you have been in an accident recently or your airbag light is on, do not hesitate to get it looked at. This is also true if your Jetta is a salvage. You may need to get your airbag light or module repaired or reset.

An airbag module is the brains of your cars Supplemental Restraint System, also known as the SRS. It uses the sensors in your VW Jetta to determine what action, if any at all, is necessary when your vehicle has been in an accident or collision.

There are a few reasons why the airbag light may come on, all of which should not be ignored. One of these issues could be with your seat belts. Another issue could be potential water damage to the SRS sensors. The SRS light can also light up if the vehicle has been in an accident recently.

An accident can be at different extremes, resulting in various safety features activating. For example, if the seat belt gets jerked, the airbag module triggers the seat belt to tighten and lock. This puts the person in their seat firmly. In a situation like this, the airbags are not needed. If a collision occurs, however, both the seat belts as well as the airbags get activated by the airbag module. If your airbags have deployed you will need to get a VW Jetta Airbag light reset or repair service. You want to make sure your airbags, seatbelts, and all other parts of your VW Jettas SRS will work properly if an accident occurs.

A dealer is likely to tell you that you need to get a new airbag module, which can cost you upwards of $1,000 dollars. Whether you get a used or new module, it will need to get re-programmed to your vehicles VIN. This can be part of a lengthy, difficult, and costly process. However, Safety Restore can get you back to safety with a VW Airbag light reset or module repair, while saving you hundreds! They can also reprogram the module at the same time. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their expert technicians will do the service and ship it back within only 24 hours of receiving your module. Visit SafetyRestore.com to get started and to learn more about all the other fantastic services they offer for your Jettas Supplemental Restraint System.

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