How to replace an airbag module

How to replace an airbag module

If you have read up on the different things you need to do after an accident, especially if your airbags have deployed, you most likely learned that your SRS airbag module either needed to be completely replaced or simply reset. If you went ahead with the latter option, good for you! The prices at the dealer for a brand new unit are outrageous and it is much more practical—and equally safe—to just have your original module reset. The one thing you may be struggling with, however, is how to replace the SRS airbag module back into your vehicle. For that I am able to help.

Before you begin the re-installation process, make sure all the airbag SRS components such as the air bags, seat belt, clock spring, and impact sensors are initiated and connected properly.

Then, you can begin by disconnecting your battery terminals—negative first and then positive. After that you will be able to bolt down the airbag module into its place.

Once you see that it is secured, connect it to the wire harness and re-attach all the wiring that you disconnected in the initial disassembly process. It is very important that you make sure all wiring from the horn and the radio as well as all the other controls is hooked up properly before you connect the battery again.

You can finally attach the cables back onto your battery once all of these steps have been completed. Connect the positive first, followed by the negative.

If you are reading this and have not yet been involved in an accident, it is great that you learned all of this information beforehand. In the future, if you ever need an airbag module reset, you can simply turn to the company Safety Restore for quality work and an affordable price. Then, you can follow this simple process to re-install the unit back into your vehicle.

When to Replace Your Airbag Module

When to replace your airbag module.

If you do not know what an airbag module is or what it does, you most likely do not know when you need to replace it. For your own safety’s sake, it is important to learn, so let me fill you in.

The SRS airbag module in your vehicle is a tiny unit generally located beneath the driver or front passenger seat. Even though the unit is relatively small, it serves a big role in preserving occupants’ safety on the road. This is because the entire airbag system—which includes the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and seat belt pre-tensioners—depends on the SRS airbag module. Without a properly functioning module, or without one altogether, the airbags would not be able to deploy during an accident. As you can imagine, that can result in a greater possibility of injury or even death.

Wondering when to replace your airbag module? – This is what a SRS module looks like.

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident, the SRS airbag module picks up the information during the crash such as the vehicle and engine speed, seat belt use, throttle position, seat belt pre-tensioner deployments, impact speed change, airbag deployments, and brake light switch position. All this information is stored in the form of crash data and hard codes. When the unit has all that stored data in it, it is an indication that it needs to be replaced. This would be the proper time to purchase a brand new SRS airbag module or reset the present unit back to factory settings. Otherwise, the airbags will not be able to serve their purpose in the future.

You probably won’t want to replace the unit entirely at the dealer knowing that you have an equally safe—and more affordable—alternative. You can send the unit in to a company that specializes in resetting SRS airbag modules: Safety Restore.