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How to Stop Your Dogs from Chewing Your Seat Belts

When you take your dogs on trips, they can get anxious. By the time you get wherever you are, you’d be surprised to see that they chewed up your seat belt. Not only is this bad behavior in your dog, but it is also a safety hazard. It is important to correct this behavior immediately. You can do so through some of the methods below.

1. Bring a Chew Toy for Your Dog

A lot of dogs chew on their seat belts when they get anxious. This is a bad idea because it can lead to the seat belt failing, and the dog may suffer. In the worst-case scenario, it could cause the car to crash. Instead of waiting for this to happen, carry a chew toy with you. If your dog decides to chew on the seat belt, give him the chew toy and tell him to chew. Hopefully, he will chew on the toy instead and leave the seat belt alone.

2. Transport Your Dog in the Back Seat

Dogs feel more comfortable when they are in the back seat. Try placing him in the back seat and covering the seat belt with a blanket, which will make your dog feel more comfortable. It will also prevent him from chewing on the seat belt.

3. Reward Your Dog

Whenever you see your dog chewing on the seat belt, immediately correct them by telling them a firm “no.” Do this until they listen to you. Once they immediately stop chewing on the belt and show no signs of doing so again, reward them with a treat. Make sure to do this when they listen to you. If they get on the vehicle and stay away from the seat belt, you can also do this.

4. Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

If your dog is overly anxious when traveling, they might try to chew on the seat belt. It is essential to identify the source of the anxiety to eliminate it. You can do this by ensuring that your dog gets used to traveling. You can also use pet medication to reduce their stress.

5. Use a Taste Deterrent

If your dog keeps chewing on the seat belt even after your training and reward methods, you may have to resort to taste deterrents. They are easy to use and available at a low price. You can buy it at your local pet store, pet clinic, or online. You apply the deterrent to the seat belt, and your dog will not want to chew on it because of the taste.

Can I Replace a Seat Belt After My Dog Chews It?

If your dog keeps chewing on the seat belt, you may want to buy a new one. This can be costly, and you may want to search for a cheaper alternative. You can find a seat belt cover that is made for dogs. It is an excellent alternative to buying a new seat belt. It is affordable and easy to install. You can buy one by visiting your local car dealerships or purchasing one online.


Dogs love chewing on shiny objects, and the seat belt is one of them. Although they are not supposed to chew on it, they will if they want to. It is essential to train your dog and give them a chew toy in the car. This will keep them distracted. You should also install a seat belt cover if it is possible. This way, your dog will not chew on the car seat belt.

If your dog chewed up your seat belt and you need a seat belt repair service, you can contact us at Safety Restore. We will gladly repair your seat belts and repair your airbags to ensure a safe drive. Contact us today to get started.

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  1. Hi I need to replace the middle back seat belt and the front passenger one on a Mazda Atenza 2008

    1. Send those in & we’ll have out expert technicians take care of those for you! Our address is as follows:

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      If you’d like, reach out via phone, text, or email, & our team assist you from there!

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