5 Seatbelt Safety Facts You Should Always Keep in Mind

In the US, a large majority of people wear seat belts. However, many people do not wear seat belts and this choice can be deadly. 

As some people refuse to wear seat belts and insist that they are not needed. Well, buckle up and listen to these seat belt facts that will definitely change your mind.

Fact #1: Seat Belts Are Designed for Protection

A standard seat belt has the capability to absorb a very considerable amount of energy generated from the impact of a collision. That is how the seat belt acts as a shock absorber in order to protect the driver and passengers from serious injuries.

Seat belts are designed for your protection and everyone should wear them. They are the best line of defense between you and a fatal crash.

There should be no debate when it comes to wearing a seat belt. You should just buckle up, wear a seat belt and enjoy the journey.

Fact #2: Everyone in the Vehicle Must Wear It

seat belts can also mean the difference between life and death for a passenger even if he/she is riding in the rear seat of the vehicle. That is why it is highly recommended for everyone in the vehicle to wear seat belts.

Children, small and big adult passengers should always wear seat belts.

Fact #3: Seat Belts Can Save You

A proper seat belt can restrain you and reduce the amount of energy or the impact force that your body will feel when in an accident.

The seat belt holds your body in place and prevents it from hitting any part of the vehicle.

It can also prevent the body from being thrown out of the vehicle when it crashes, which is much more likely to happen if the passenger is not wearing the seat belt.

Fact #4: Seat Belts Are Recommended for Every Vehicle

Even if you are driving a car, truck, bus and even a small motorcycle that is not in the list of vehicles requiring the use of seat belts, you should still wear them and make sure your passenger also wears them.

Make it a habit that you wear a seat belt and get your passengers to wear them too.

Fact #5: Unbuckled Drivers and Passengers Are a Threat to Everyone

Unbuckled drivers and passengers are a threat to everyone. They are a threat because they are not protected and are likely to strike the driver and other passengers in the event of a crash.

Not wearing a seat belt too often causes drivers to ignore the dangers of driving without it.

If you are a driver or a passenger who does not want to wear a seat belt, you should keep in mind that not wearing it is a very dangerous choice.

Why Driver’s Safety Is Important

One of the compulsory things that a driver must perform is to wear a seat belt. With a seat belt, the chances of death or serious injuries in case of accidents are lessened.

When you are behind the wheel, your job is to protect your passengers and prevent them from getting hurt. In addition, you should also be protecting yourself.


It is important for everyone to wear a seat belt at all times. Whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle or in a bus or even on a plane, you should always wear your seat belt.

Before going for a drive, make sure your seat belt is fully functional. Should you experience any issues, Safety Restore offers seat belt repair services to help keep you safe on the road. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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