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Common Questions About Airbag Lights and What to Know

Airbags are one of the most reliable car safety measures aside from seatbelts, so understanding how it works is crucial to maintain its effectiveness. Airbags come to the rescue in the event of a vehicle collision, but how would you know that it will activate when the time calls for it? 

That’s where an airbag warning light comes into play. It’s a system integrated into your vehicle and activates every time the car turns on. It checks the airbag system to spot any defects, so it would turn on so long as there’s an underlying problem with the airbag. 

People often wonder what the light on your dashboard means, that’s why the list below should answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the airbag light system: 

Question #1: Why is My Airbag Light On?

The warning light often stays on once the airbags deployed following an accident, in which case you have to go to your nearest automotive shop to reset the airbag module. Licensed mechanics can also check your vehicle’s integrated computer code to diagnose the airbag system, allowing you to spot potential errors that need to be repaired. 

Question #2: Why Did the Airbag Light Turn On Without an Accident?

Remember that the airbag light will only turn on if the system detects an error in its function, such as the following potential problems: 

  • The crash sensor is faulty; 
  • The clock spring is damaged; 
  • The seatbelt switch is broken; 

You cannot turn off the airbag light since it’s a visual reminder that you need to take your car to a mechanic, or else you’ll risk driving without reliable car safety features to protect you in the untimely event of a crash. 

Question #3: Should I Reset or Buy a Used Airbag Module?

The cost of purchasing a used airbag module is significantly cheaper than resetting it, but the process can be time-consuming since the mechanic will need to reprogram the module. A factory reset is often the best choice since it allows you to maximize the feature good as new without the need to add additional coding. 

The Bottom Line: Addressing Common Inquiries About the Airbag Light in your Car 

Whatever the reason the airbag warning light is on, you should always bring your vehicle to a repair shop to diagnose the problem. Putting the task off will only put you in danger when setting out on the road, which would result in costly or fatal consequences. 

Airbag Reset Near St. Westfield, MA

An airbag can be all the difference between life or death in a vehicle collision, so it’s critical to reset this safety feature after going through an accident. Once the airbag is deployed, it deserves immediate professional attention, and we’re a leading post-accident restoration company in the USA that provides quality seat belt repairs and airbag module resets

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