Classic Car Seat Belt Webbing Repair

Classic Car Seat Belt Webbing
Our classic car seat belt webbing restoration services.

Any classic or antique car owner can tell you that restoring such a vehicle is a labor of love. A fully restored car is the summation of careful attention to detail. Each piece of the car is often disassembled, then cleaned and sanitized or repaired before being reassembled into the vehicle. A maximum effort is necessary to restore and repair an antique or classic car to original, or even better, condition. In all these aspects, classic car seat belt webbing repair is a detail that cannot be avoided or overlooked.

Seat belts are not just a superficial detail, but a lifeline for drivers and their passengers. In the event of a traffic accident, the use of seat belts can mean the difference between life and death, or minor and severe injuries. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that around half of the individuals who died in traffic accidents were not retained by any kind of seat belt at the time of impact. About a third of all child fatalities from traffic accidents were not restrained by a seat belt at the time of impact. Consequently, classic car seat belt webbing repair is imperative in classic and antique cars to guarantee the safety of the driver and any passengers.

Just as the owner carefully repairs any damaged pieces, Safety Restore can help with seat belt webbing repair. With seat belt webbing in colors like red, gray, yellow, green, black, pink, and purple, Safety Restore makes webbing repair easy. Safety Restore’s webbing can be used on both modern 3-point seat belts or on classic 2-point lap belts. The experts at Safety Repair understand the value of classic and antique vehicles and can assist with any classic car seat belt webbing needs.

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