Classic Car Seat Belt Webbing Restoration

Classic Car Seat Belt Webbing
Our classic car seat belt webbing restoration services.

Since the modern 3-point seat belt was invented in 1959, cars have drastically changed. However, modern collectors of classic and antique cars know better than anyone that newer is not always better. For these collectors, restoring a seat belt is often a challenge, especially when trying to match that seat belt to a car’s classic interior. Luckily, Safety Restore offers classic car seat belt restoration for any kind of classic or antique seat belt.

Restoring classic cars is an art form of preserving and treasuring the past in a reality that often neglects the beauty of the past. With each part of the vehicle the owner restores, he brings to life a piece of the past – a piece of history. Each detail of the car deserves special attention to ensure the accuracy of the classic car.

Unfortunately, seat belts are often overlooked in the restoration process. Nevertheless, including the correct type of seat belt webbing often adds another level of authenticity to a vehicle. Choosing the right seat belt for classic car seat belt webbing restoration is a task most classic car owners must take on. Old seat belt webbing can be discolored or dirty and date the interior of the car. Moreover, old seat belt webbing can fail to work or retract properly, taking away from the functionality of a vehicle. Whether the edges are frayed, or the seat belt is not retracting with the speed it once used to, classic car webbing restoration can improve the entire look and feel of a classic or antique vehicle.

Safety Restore offers classic seat belt restoration for any old and worn seat belt. With classic car seatbelt webbing restoration, you can be sure that your car will not only look great but comply with modern safety standards to keep you and your passengers safe. Whether the classic vehicle has a 3-point seat belt or a lap belt, Safety Restore can assist with restoring your seat belt webbing. Safety Restore also offers a broad variety of colors, from yellow to black, to ensure that your classic car’s seat belt looks as accurate as possible.

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