SRS Airbag Issue: Should You Have It Replaced or Repaired?

Typically, issues and part failures are a common occurrence when vehicles age. When you notice issues with your vehicle, it’s essential you have it checked immediately. One of the things you need to ensure is in good condition is your SRS airbag. No matter how well the car runs on the road, you need to ensure you’re safe; therefore, make sure all the safety features of your vehicle are in good condition. 

Seat belts work hand-in-hand with the SRS airbag. The airbag deploys when you get into an intense collision that can save you and your passengers’ lives. The latest vehicle models are equipped with airbags in almost every corner, which makes safety even more reliable. 

If you notice that your SRS airbag light is on, then it might be time for a repair or replacement job. How does that work? 

Airbag Replacement

Some signs could point to a replacement. For one, signs will pop up on the dashboard, which is usually a yellow light with the word “SRS.” You might wonder why it appeared all of a sudden, even without an accident.

The SRS error message on your dashboard usually means your airbag control module is defective or damaged, or a bad connection in the sensors that caused the trigger. Flooded vehicles are usually affected by this. 

When this happens, you need to bring your vehicle to a shop to reset the module and see why it happened. If the module is no longer workable, then it would be time for a replacement. Otherwise, the safety feature won’t deploy in the event of a crash. 

Keep in mind: the moment you trigger the SRS airbag, it will automatically need replacement because it’s usually a piece of single-use protective equipment. The airbag inflates in a split second to save the driver and passengers from flying out of the vehicle. Once it deflates, it’s the end of the airbag, which means it can’t be reused anymore. 

Also, you should know your car’s VIN that indicates which part you need specifically. This is because most airbag products are not universal. 

To Replace or Repair?

When you get into a car crash, you need to remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean you need an airbag replacement. Depending on the extent of the damages, some vehicles may only need repair. 

In the case that you didn’t get into a car crash, yet the airbag sensors were triggered, it’s best to take it to a professional for proper evaluation. Don’t put this off for too long because your safety is important. As much as possible, don’t drive on the road with the SRS light on—have it seen and fixed first by a professional. 


Replacing or repairing your airbag should only be done by the best. With that, research properly to find the right company that can help you with airbag replacement or repair. Remember, this is a safety feature of your vehicle; therefore, you only need to entrust it to people who have an excellent reputation and experience in the industry. 

You don’t need to worry about that here at Safety Restore. We offer airbag module reset in Westfield, MA and you can guarantee the best quality of work. Contact us today!


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