Here’s How You Can Wear Your Seat Belts Properly

Wearing your seat belt properly is essential. Despite the decline in the number of car accident deaths, there are still over 30,000 people who die because of it every year in the US. Sadly, half of those deaths could have been prevented with the proper seat belt use. 

Here’s how to wear your seat belt properly: 

Make Sure the Shoulder Harness Is Positioned Correctly

The shoulder harness is crucial. To ensure it’s worn correctly, position yourself by having your back against the seat and your hips all the way back in the seat. You need to sit upright to prevent slack in the belt. Keep in mind: this belt slack can cause serious injuries in case of an accident. 

Pull the shoulder strap across the body by using the hand closest to the seat belt to reach up by your shoulder and grasp it at the metal latch. You need to pull it across your body towards your hip on the opposite side as the arm you use. With your other hand, grasp the seat belt buckle and ensure the slotted top end is pointed upwards with the release button on the side away from you. 

In the event of a crash or for easy release, make sure the belt buckle button is on the outer part of the buckle. After this, you can insert the seat belt by lining up the latch on the belt webbing with the slot on the top of the buckle and insert it fully. You should hear a click when the buckle fully engages and locks onto the latch. 

Wear the Lap Belt Properly

Lap belts are usually used for passengers at the back, specifically in the middle of the seat. It may seem straightforward, but there’s actually a proper way to wear it. You need to sit upright and ensure your hips are back in the seat. Lay the lap belt across the hips and insert the belt in the buckle. Remember, you can always adjust the lap belt snugly, so it fits your waist properly. 

Wear a Seat Belt, Save Lives

Wearing seat belts properly is important; not only will you be able to save your life, but also others’. Did you know that passengers who don’t wear a seat belt become projectiles during an accident? They can easily be ejected through the front, rear, or side windows, which may result in a fatality. 

So, even if you’re seated at the back, make sure you wear a seat belt properly. Proper wearing of seat belts will prevent passenger ejection in a severe accident. 

Ensure Your Seat Belts are Working Properly

Aside from knowing how to wear your seat belt properly, you should also determine if it’s working properly. Issues with your seat belt is a safety risk; therefore, if you notice anything odd with it, better have it looked at by a professional before you hit the road. That way, you will be at ease when driving. 


Wearing your seat belt correctly and ensuring your seat belts are working properly are two of the key ways to protect yourself on the road. There are plenty of seat belt specialists out there to maintain your belts, but make sure you find a reputable one. Research is key here, so take the time to do so and don’t take it to the first professional you see. 

If you’re looking for a trusted seat belt repair company, Safety Restore has you covered. We specialize in seat belt repairs in Westfield, MA. We are the world’s leader in post-accident restorations. Contact us today!

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