Airbags, Seat Belts & The Law

Working with the airbag systems requires a lot more than skill and a pair of mechanic hands. Being one of the most vital safety components in the vehicle, seat belts, airbags, and computer controllers require great responsibility and compliance. However, installing the components and working/repairing them are two different things.

Seat Belts & Hazardous Materials

All seat belts are equipped with explosives and are engineered to save lives in a way that is both complex and extremely serious. Only authorized and certified technicians are able to take seat belts apart and perform necessary repairs to them. In addition, and most importantly, seat belts contain explosives.

Explosives are to be imported only by a licensed dealer holding a current explosives importer license. Any company importing explosives illegally without a license and/or importing counterfeit seat belt parts from the black market will be persecuted to the highest extent of the law under the Act of Terrorism.

Safety Restore cooperates with U.S. Government and reports any illegal companies that are doing business with suspicion. Moving forward, the explosives used in seat belts require strict storage and handling procedures that are to be carried out by licensed professionals only.

Lastly, proper HazMat shipping is mandatory for shipping any seat belts in the United States. All these procedures are extremely important for the safety of the staff working at the repair facility as well as all customers that the repairs are carried out for.

Safety Restore uses 100% OEM parts and imports them directly from the manufacturer-supplier. A dedicated storage facility is used for storing all seat belt explosives (gas charges), and all repairs are carried out by technicians holding a valid explosives license.

Repairing Seat Belts the Right Way

With the seat belt repair service getting more popular, more and more competitors start popping out of everywhere, trying to make a buck or two doing the very same thing illegally. Do you see a company offering to repair your seat belt for half the price?

We will be honest with you and can assure you that their parts are not OEM and are purchased from the black market. This means that not only are they repairing seat belts illegally (and soon will be facing government penalties), but every seat belt they repair and put back on the market is counterfeit and is not guaranteed to work. This puts you, your passengers, and your customers’ lives at risk.

If you have stumbled upon such a company, please report them immediately for your safety and the safety of others. Do not be deceived by their low price and gimmicks – your life is not worth their counterfeit. You can rest assured that in the hands of Safety Restore, you are safe. If you need an airbag module reset service, seat belt retractor, or seat belt pretensioner repair, visit the safety restore the online site to order today and be safe again.

Seat Belt Repair Laws
Seat Belt Repair Laws


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