Airbag Light, 4 Reasons It Turns On and How to Fix It

Airbag Light, 4 Reasons It Turns On and How to Fix It

The sight of a little red light popping up on your dashboard can be scary. Whether your airbag light shows a yellow man with a seatbelt on or a red Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) symbol, it could be a sign of a serious issue. 

Keep in mind that accidents can happen at any time, so driving with the airbag light on isn’t recommended, especially without a working airbag. To diagnose the issue as fast as possible, use this article as your guide to familiarize yourself with your airbag light


Why Are Airbags Important?


Airbags became standard equipment in all vehicles in 1998. Their exact location depends on your vehicle, but they are typically found inside your steering wheel and in the dashboard on the passenger side. They are important because they lower accident death rates and cushion the impact on drivers and passengers in case of an accident.


Why Is My Airbag Light On?


  • Your airbag clock spring is faulty or damaged.

The airbag clock spring is located inside your steering wheel and prevents the electrical wiring between your car and the driver-side airbag from getting damaged as the wheel is turned. It can get worn and damaged over time due to the consistent turning of the wheel and trigger your airbag light.

  • One of your airbag sensors is faulty.

The most common cause of airbag lights turning on is faulty airbag sensors. This can happen when one of the various sensors designed to activate the airbag system in the event of an accident gets damaged.

  • Your airbag backup battery is depleted.

Airbags require power to activate, which is why they are hooked up to a backup battery. They may have depleted the airbag backup battery if your car’s main battery has drained. While they may self-correct once the battery gets fully charged, you may need to perform an airbag module reset if they don’t.

Hire us if you need to re-use your existing airbag module by seeking our reset service. We will restore your SRS module to its factory condition and make your airbag computer as good as new, without requiring any additional programming. This means all codes from accidents will get erased.

  • Your airbag module got wet.

Accidentally leaving your window open in the rain or driving through floodwaters can cause your airbag module to get wet, especially since it is located under your driver’s or passenger’s seat. When this happens, it can short out or corrode and cause your airbag light to turn on.


What Should I Do If My Airbag Light Is On?


You could still drive your vehicle, but avoid doing so because there could be an issue with your airbag system. The first thing you need to do is to avoid panicking and head to the nearest workshop to get your car inspected by professionals right away and determine the issue. 




Driving your vehicle with the airbag light on could mean that your airbags may not deploy in the event of an accident, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. When your airbag system gets faulty, take this issue seriously. Keep in mind the information stated in this guide and reach out to professionals like us immediately to ensure your airbags work optimally and keep yourself and your loved ones safe while traveling.

Aside from the airbag module reset, we offer seat belt repair, webbing replacements, and instrument cluster repairs. Contact us at Safety Restore for all your post-accident restoration needs!

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