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Safety First: What You Need to Know about Servicing Airbags

If you uphold car safety like most vehicle owners, you might find airbags intriguing. They have been improving automotive safety for the last twenty years, but when parts eventually wear out in a car, should you worry about your airbags too? Do they require a costly replacement? If these are your questions, please continue reading this article.

The average car’s airbag has a lifespan that ranges from ten to twenty years. Once they are well past the average lifespan, they are highly likely to malfunction in an accident. 

In addition, airbags have batteries that eventually lose their strength to protect you. It would be best if you changed them as soon as possible to avoid problems on the road.

You Should Not Worry

When is it time to service the airbag? As mentioned earlier, airbags last up to twenty years. You do not have to replace an airbag for your car. Many automakers used to place these warning labels in vehicles claiming that the airbags must be replaced after ten to fifteen years, but that is no longer the case.

Now, the question is, what do you need to service the airbag? The airbag system is connected to many components, brakes, steering, airbags, etc. You need special diagnostic equipment and tools to identify the issue and service them.


Airbags also have fabric designed to protect you from all angles. As they age, they become less effective. Consider installing new airbags in your vehicle soon to ensure your airbags are doing their job.


The cost is minimal when you measure it against the amount of time and money you will spend in the long run if the airbag does not work. It is also a way of preserving the value of your car. You do not have to spend a lot of money to check the airbag if the vehicle is still under warranty. 

If there are any problems, the sellers will usually cover all the costs. However, this will not work if they do not know it is still under warranty.


A few vehicles from the mid-1990s or earlier have airbag issues. Older vehicles use different materials to trigger the airbag; these components may wear out over time and need to be replaced. It could be expensive, so most owners do not bother. However, you should be concerned about the safety of older cars if it were a top priority.

A faulty airbag or a missing airbag can be costly to replace, and most consumers don’t know whether an airbag has been replaced. As a result, car dealerships are tempted to sell vehicles missing an airbag without disclosing that fact to the customer.

The best way to avoid problems with airbags is to buy a vehicle from a reputable dealership that is upfront about its airbag status. It is relatively easy to inspect a car and discover if an airbag is missing. There is a rectangular hole in the dashboard, near the steering wheel, where the airbag fits.


Vehicle airbags come as a standard safety feature in most cars. Together with seatbelts, airbags have saved thousands of lives across the world. However, they are only meant for one-time use, and you need to replace them even if they deploy by accident. 

There can be other issues that may render an airbag useless or dysfunctional. Testing the airbags of a car you plan to buy is an excellent way to ensure that they are new and functional.

If you suspect something wrong with your airbags, you should take your car to Safety Restore. We are proud of our job to service airbags because we have saved lives. Before things worsen, visit our shop! 

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