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Best Tools to Use to Cut a Seat Belt During an Emergency

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they’d need to cut through their seatbelt, but if you do need to, there are some tools that you can use for the task. 

In this post, your trusted seat belt repair experts tell you which tools are recommended for cutting through seatbelts:

Seatbelt Cutter

This is the most popular tool that people choose to help them cut through their seatbelts. 

This tool is small and can be easily carried around. People choose this tool because it’s easy to access in an emergency.

Another reason why people choose this tool as their go-to is because it cuts off the seat belt with one clean slice.

Plus, it’s usually made from stainless steel, which is easier to clean from dirt, mud, or other debris.

But, despite all these benefits, this tool does have its own set of disadvantages.

It’s small, so it’s hard to use for bigger seat belts. Another issue is that, because it’s only made from one material, you run the risk of accidentally cutting yourself or your stuff as you’re using it.

Box Cutter

Box cutters are multi-functional tools used to cut through seatbelts and other items like cardboard, carpet, tape, and more.

It has a similar blade to a utility knife and is used just like it.

However, box cutters have a longer and sharper blade, giving them more power on heavy-duty materials like seatbelts.

The handle is usually made of sturdy material to give more stability when cutting. It’s also typically double-sided, so you can use both hands, making it one of the sturdier options for cutting seat belts.

However, the trade-off for this sturdier blade is that it can be harder to get through the seatbelt because it is broader and longer. You might have to use more force to cut through the seatbelt, which can make it harder to do when your adrenaline is running.


Scissors are useful for everyday situations for various tasks, and cutting through seatbelts is one of them.

The blades are sharp, and the handles are sturdy, giving you the extra force needed to cut through the seatbelt.


Knives are usually made with either stainless steel or high carbon steel based on the manufacturer.

Stainless steel blades are usually preferred as they are easier to carry around and are also easier to clean. On the other hand, carbon steel blades are usually harder and more durable. They are also easy to sharpen.

Some knives have serrated edge blades that can make cutting through the seatbelt easier.


A blade is a long, thin blade that is cut through seatbelts and other materials. It’s shorter than a box cutter but longer than a utility knife. Its length makes it easier to cut through thicker materials.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cut through your seatbelt, keep one of these tools on hand. 

Just remember to check which materials are used to make these tools before settling on one. For example, if you have a stainless steel tool and your seatbelt is leather, cutting through the seatbelt can be more challenging.

If you have any questions about any of the tools mentioned in this article, or if you need a seat belt repair, you should only contact experts to help you.

Safety Restore is an established post-accident restorations company that specializes in seat belt replacement and repair services. Contact us today to find out more about our restoration services!

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