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5 Parts of Your Body That Can Undergo Seat Belt Injuries

Seat belts are more commonly known for saving your life rather than injuring you during a collision. While it is true that they help stay in your seat during a car accident and lessen the likeliness of impending death when hitting another vehicle, the sudden lunges that motion of a crash can force that seat belt to tighten against your body. 

This predicament can cause some common injuries. Both drivers and passengers can expect a few bruises depending on the force of the accident when coming out of the car. Here are the usual spots for seat belt injuries:

1. Ribs

Because of the placement of the seatbelt and having it span from your shoulder and chest down to your waist diagonally, this can cause a lot of pain to your ribs. If the driver hits the brakes all too suddenly, the restraining feature of the seat belt can push the air out of you and cause fractured ribs. 

The severity of this can depend, but it’s important to get diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. Expect getting an ice bag to help ease the pain a little and a lot of rest at the hospital and at home.

2. Shoulder

Your shoulder joint and tendons may feel uncomfortable if the force of the car accident was too much. Some may find their shoulder completely dislocated, which others can take a while to manage and work with. Physical therapy often helps with torn muscles, but it’s essential to take time as you work to restore them.

3. Chest

Soreness and injuries on your chest can be a little worrying, especially if you feel your sternum was affected. This area of your chest helps protect the heart and lungs of your body, so any sudden incapacitations in that area should be attended to immediately to ensure your organs are out of danger.

4. Skin

Bruising can affect your skin’s appearance, but your seat belt can cause more than just that. Depending on the material and the occurrence of the crash, you may experience abrasion wounds and scrapes that can cause an open wound on the surface of your skin. Be careful in handling these parts of your body as they may bleed and get infected. 

5. Abdominal Tissues 

There are also seat belt injuries that are just invisible to the naked eye. Although you may still feel a slight discomfort while being mobile, you may have experienced an internal injury. The abdomen is comprised of many tissues and is near many organs such as your intestines, bladder, liver, and more. 

Along with that, you may also undergo some lacerations and tiny tears in those organs. Abdominal pain can become unbearable and go under the radar real quick. Don’t forget to undergo an examination after escaping a car crash to ensure that your body can be treated accordingly.


A seat belt is the first precaution to protect yourself from any accidents, but it’s also essential to check on yourself after such a crash and get the proper care you need. Take a look at your vehicle, too, to see any repairs that need to be done to your seat belt and airbag or whether it’s salvageable at all.

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