How does an airbag module work?

How does an airbag module work?

If you have educated yourself on the different safety components in your vehicle, you likely learned about the SRS airbag module. If you have not, I cannot stress enough to you the importance of it for the overall functionality and safety of your vehicle. Even though it is a small component in your vehicle, it plays a big role. Let me tell you just how it does that.

To start off, the SRS airbag module is a computerized system in your car. What it basically does is control the entire airbag system in your vehicle. Everything from the airbags themselves, the impact sensors, and even the seat belt pre-tensioners—relies on the module to properly function. During a sudden stop or collision, where the airbags deploy, the airbag module stores a ton of information in the form of crash data and hard codes. This information includes seat belt use, the vehicle and engine speed, seat belt pre-tensioner deployments, impact speed change, throttle position, airbag deployments, and brake light switch position. Interestingly enough, this type of information is almost always admissible in court and usually trumps other physical evidence or verbal explanations.

When the airbag module is not up to par—or has all this data stored—the airbags cannot deploy in an accident. This, as a result, can potentially lead to serious injury or even death. That is why you should have the unit replaced immediately. You do not want to be endangering your own life or that of your passengers.

You basically have two options when it comes to fixing a faulty airbag module. The first, and pricier, option is to purchase a brand new module at the dealer. Or, you can send in your present unit to the company Safety Restore so that they can restore it to factory settings.

Gauge Cluster Rebuild

You may find yourself in need of a gauge cluster rebuild at one point or another. Over time, instrument clusters can become faulty and the gauges may start fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, displaying incorrect readings, or not working at all—and need to be reset. If this ever happens to you, know that you can turn to the company Safety Restore.

Gauge Cluster Rebuild Services

Safety Restore specializes in repairing all types of instrument cluster problems including those of the tachometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, odometer, and gas/fuel gauge. Whatever the problem you are experiencing the company can fix it! To do this, experienced engineers are employed and 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools are utilized. It is also important to note that FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded by the company.

If you turn to Safety Restore for your gauge cluster rebuild, you can always expect an affordable price, a lifetime warranty guarantee, and a fast turnaround time. Safety Restore strives to uphold its quick 24-hour turnaround for all customers and orders—large or small. Also, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable. Rather than having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a gauge cluster rebuild elsewhere, you can just spend $118.99 at Safety Restore. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty! It really doesn’t get better than that!

To get your gauge cluster rebuild, all you have to do is remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA to be fixed. Many customers think the removal process of their cluster is difficult, but it really isn’t. Safety Restore provides detailed instructions on its website on how to successfully and easily remove the instrument cluster from a vehicle. If any additional problems arise, the company can also be reached by email or instant chat.

How to replace an airbag module

How to replace an airbag module

If you have read up on the different things you need to do after an accident, especially if your airbags have deployed, you most likely learned that your SRS airbag module either needed to be completely replaced or simply reset. If you went ahead with the latter option, good for you! The prices at the dealer for a brand new unit are outrageous and it is much more practical—and equally safe—to just have your original module reset. The one thing you may be struggling with, however, is how to replace the SRS airbag module back into your vehicle. For that I am able to help.

Before you begin the re-installation process, make sure all the airbag SRS components such as the air bags, seat belt, clock spring, and impact sensors are initiated and connected properly.

Then, you can begin by disconnecting your battery terminals—negative first and then positive. After that you will be able to bolt down the airbag module into its place.

Once you see that it is secured, connect it to the wire harness and re-attach all the wiring that you disconnected in the initial disassembly process. It is very important that you make sure all wiring from the horn and the radio as well as all the other controls is hooked up properly before you connect the battery again.

You can finally attach the cables back onto your battery once all of these steps have been completed. Connect the positive first, followed by the negative.

If you are reading this and have not yet been involved in an accident, it is great that you learned all of this information beforehand. In the future, if you ever need an airbag module reset, you can simply turn to the company Safety Restore for quality work and an affordable price. Then, you can follow this simple process to re-install the unit back into your vehicle.

Truck Cluster Repair

Do you drive a truck and find yourself in need of a truck cluster repair? No one wants a faulty cluster, especially when driving a truck! The instrument cluster has important mechanisms like the tachometer, odometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, and fuel gauge—and it is just a big headache when they stop working properly. Lucky for you, there is a company called Safety Restore that specializes in instrument clusters and can do a truck cluster repair for you. They will work to restore every one of your broken, sticking, incorrectly reading, fluttering, or intermittently working gauges back to factory settings. After you get your instrument cluster back from them, you won’t regret getting the truck cluster repair done there!

Truck Cluster Repair Services

The great thing is that when you turn to Safety Restore for a truck cluster repair, you don’t have to worry about spending all your hard earned money or having to wait a long time to drive on the road again. The company has very reasonable prices, with instrument cluster repair coming in at only $118.99. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is attached to each service. Alongside the affordable pricing, a fast turnaround time can be expected. It takes Safety Restore just 24 hours to complete all repairs and send orders back out.

To get the repair done immediately, head over to There, you can select the service and pre-pay for it. You will also find detailed instructions explaining how you should remove the unit from your vehicle. Once it has been removed, you just need to ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will receive your package and in just 24 hours will have all the necessary repairs completed. When you receive it back you won’t even notice the difference between your reset speedometer and a brand new one!

Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair

You may have heard about the company Safety Restore before. Many people know it as a leading company in single, dual, and triple-stage seat belt repairs, seat belt webbing replacement, and SRS airbag module resetting. What many do not know, however, is that the company also specializes in dashboard instrument cluster repair. If you are having issues with your instrument cluster, this is the company you should go with and one that you can definitely trust!

Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repair Services

The company has established quite a following on its different platforms and garnered a sizeable positive review count for a reason. As with its other services, Safety Restore always does quality work in its dashboard instrument cluster repair services. It only employs experienced engineers who perform the repairs using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Additionally, FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded. The company is BBB accredited as well.

Some of the things that keeps customers satisfied and returning for other services are Safety Restore’s prices, lifetime warranty, and fast turnaround time. To begin with, dashboard instrument cluster repair comes in at just $118.99. As was mentioned, this already low price comes with a free lifetime warranty attached. If anything were to happen to their speedometer in the future, customers have the opportunity to send their unit in at no additional cost. The turnaround time at Safety Restore is also quite desirable. It takes the company only 24 hours (sometimes even less!) to complete all orders—large and small.

So if you are in need of repairing your instrument cluster sometime in the future, head to the company Safety Restore. They can simply be reached at or through phone call, chat, or email. They will take care to restore your instrument cluster back to factory settings and won’t charge an arm and a leg for it either!

Broken Speedometer

Do you have a broken speedometer and want to get a new one? Before you rush to the dealer to purchase a brand new one, consider another option. You can have your present speedometer fixed by the company Safety Restore! That’s right! Even if your speedometer is displaying every type of gauge-related problem out there—sticking, fluttering, intermittently working gauges, incorrectly reading gauge, or plain ol’ broken gauges—Safety Restore can help. The company works by resetting all the mechanisms on a broken speedometer to have it work like new again!

Broken Speedometer? We can help!

The great thing about fixing your broken speedometer at Safety Restore is that you’ll be saving a lot of money this way. Safety Restore only charges $118.99 for its instrument cluster gauges repair service, which is up to $600 less than dealerships charge for a brand new cluster! Also, the service comes with a free lifetime warranty at Safety Restore.

Not only are the price and lifetime warranty great at Safety Restore, but the company also has a desirable turnaround time! It takes only 24 hours for the company to complete all orders, no matter the size or difficulty of them. You’d think that with such a fast turnaround time, quality wouldn’t be the greatest but that couldn’t be more farther from the truth. The company employs only skilled engineers and all repairs are completed using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Safety Restore is also BBB accredited and always meets FMVSS standards.

So regardless of the issues your speedometer has, all you have to do is log onto and purchase the speedometer restoration service! Once purchased, you can remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. You better believe that your speedometer will be restored to factory settings and work like new again!

Speedometer Instrument Cluster Repair

If you do not know what an instrument cluster is or when a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed, let me fill you in.

Speedometer Instrument Cluster Repair Services

To begin with, the instrument cluster is another name for the speedometer in your vehicle that displays dials such as the tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, gas/fuel, gauge, temperature gauge, and transmission gauge. Some people drive an entire lifetime without having any issues with it. However, if any problems do arise in the form of fluttering, sticking, incorrectly reading gauges, gauges displaying wrong readings, or gauges not working at all—this is an indication that a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed.

When a speedometer instrument cluster repair is needed, individuals basically only have two options. They can purchase a brand new instrument cluster at the dealer, or turn to a company to repair their present one. The latter option is much more affordable and practical. This is especially true if they turn to the company Safety Restore to perform the speedometer instrument cluster repair for them.

Safety Restore has repaired instrument clusters for a long while now and is highly experienced in the trade. The company also doesn’t charge a whole lot. They only ask $118.99 for the service. Even with this low price in place, they offer a lifetime warranty to their customers. A fast turnaround time is also included in the deal. It takes Safety Restore only 24 hours to fulfill all orders, despite how large or difficult an order may be.

If your vehicle ever needs an instrument cluster repair, head over to All you’d have to do is remove the unit from your vehicle and send it to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers will get rid of any issues you have with your speedometer and it will be restored to factory condition!

Odometer Repair Cost

Have you ever looked at the steep odometer repair cost at some companies, or the price of purchasing a brand new odometer at the dealer, and questioned how someone would be willing to pay so much for such a simple thing? You are definitely not alone in this, and fortunately there is a solution for you. You won’t have to drive around with a broken odometer any longer, but you also won’t have to sacrifice an entire paycheck wither! All you need to do is turn to the company Safety Restore!

Odometer Repair Cost – $118.99

Among other things, Safety Restore specializes in repairing odometers. Not only does this service come with a small odometer repair cost, it is also completed in a timely fashion and comes with a lifetime warranty! Let me elaborate.

Safety Restore’s prices really are quite affordable. The company’s odometer repair cost is just $188.99. Plus, as mentioned, it comes with a free lifetime warranty. That way, customers always have the option to send in their unit for rework in the future at no additional cost!

The turnaround time at Safety Restore is incomparable too. It takes only 24 hours for the company to fulfill orders and perform all repairs.

So head over to and pay the small odometer repair cost to get yours fixed today! Then remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers at Safety Restore will take care of the rest. Using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, they will make sure that any and all gauge-related issues you are presently stuck with will be eliminated and your odometer will be restored to factory settings. All of your gauges—including the oil gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, transmission gauge, odometer gauge, speedometer gauge, and tachometer gauge will be working like new again and shouldn’t give you any more problems.

Fix Speedometer

Are you looking for a company that can fix speedometers for you? Here at Safety Restore, we would surely be able to help!

Fix Speedometer Services

Among the other services we specialize in, we also fix speedometers. We have seen and dealt with many gauge-related issues, including sticking, fluttering, intermittently working, and completely broken gauges. We have successfully restored each and every instrument cluster that was sent to us—so we are bound to be able to fix yours too!

As cliché as it may sound, we truly strive for customer satisfaction here at Safety Restore. We only employ skilled engineers to fix speedometers and make sure they do so using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. We are also BBB accredited and make sure to always meet FMVSS standards.

Besides quality work, some of the things that we employ in our services are a fast turnaround time, low prices, and lifetime warranty. We have found that this is what sets us apart from other companies and dealerships and what keeps customers coming back.

When I say fast turnaround, I really mean fast. We strive to maintain a 24-hour turnaround time for all of our services, regardless of how difficult or large the order may be. Our prices are no joke either. We only charge $118.99 to fix speedometers. That is up to $600 less than you would pay elsewhere! We also offer a free lifetime warranty on each service, which means that customers can send in their units for rework without having to pay additional fees.

If you aren’t convinced yet, read the positive reviews we have amassed on any of our platforms. Then, once you are ready, head on over to You can rest assured that we will do all that is in our power to restore your unit to factory settings and gain your full satisfaction.

Automotive Gauge Repair

Don’t know whom to turn to for automotive gauge repair that will also guarantee affordable prices and quality work? Turn to none other than the company Safety Restore! Safety Restore offers a variety of services and automotive gauge repair is one of them. Fortunately for you, as a small family-owned business, Safety Restore performs quality repairs without charging an entire paycheck either! You can expect to only pay $118.99 for your automotive gauge repair here.

Automotive Gauge Repair Services

Along with the great price, you’ll also be left with a lifetime warranty on your service. Even though your automotive gauges should be repaired completely, if anything were to happen to them again, you’d have the opportunity to send your instrument panel back in for no additional fees. That speaks volumes, considering how much money companies charge for even the initial repair. When entrusting your instrument panel to Safety Restore, you can also rest assured that it will be in great hands. The company only employs skilled engineers to do the repair work and makes sure that industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are utilized in the process. Safety Restore also makes sure to always meet FMVSS standards and is BBB accredited.

Another added bonus you can expect from the company is a fast turnaround time. It takes Safety Restore only 24 hours to fulfill all services, regardless of the difficulty or volume being sent in.

To get your automotive gauge repair, you simply need to select that service on There, you can also follow the provided instructions on getting the unit out of your vehicle. Once it has been disassembled, you can ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. Any preferred mail carrier can be used when shipping out. The skilled engineers will receive your package, perform the necessary repairs to restore your unit to factory settings, then ship it right back out! No hassle needed!