How to Fix a Seat Belt That Won’t Retract

Seat belt will not retract ?

Many things can go wrong with a seat belt that makes it faulty. One of the most common problems that people experience with their seat belts is having it not retract properly after years of usage. This is a problem, as a normally functioning seat belt should retract smoothly and effortlessly. However, there are a few things you can do to fix a seat belt that does not retract.

For one, the seat belt may not retract properly due to a collection of dirt and grime on the actual seat belt webbing. Fortunately, this can be pretty easily fixed. Prepare a bucket of warm water and soap—or laundry detergent—and scrub the material webbing. The seat belt should become much more pliable and flexible. After letting it air dry, you can then inspect the seat belt to see if it will retract properly again.

Another possible cause for a seat belt not being able to retract is something being stuck in the belt mechanism and getting in the way of the actual seat belt. This can also be easily fixed. Take a small screwdriver or slim pole and poke around the entrance where the belt feeds into. If you feel something obstructing the entrance, try to remove it and see if the seat belt will now retract correctly.

Finally, the problem may lie in the actual seat belt retractor. This may be a little more complicated to fix. You’d have to first pull the seat belt webbing as taut as possible—a clip will help to secure it in place. Then, give a big pull on the seat belt. If nothing happens, you will have to remove the retractor out of your vehicle. Using a screwdriver, spin the spool. This should let the webbing slowly recant into the seat belt assemblage and allow the seat belt to properly retract.

Of course, it may be wiser to just stick with a professional rather than attempt any repairs from home on such an important safety component. The company Safety Restore repairs single-stage, dual-stage, and even triple-stage seat belts, and also has a webbing replacement service. The company will surely be able to fix the problems behind your improperly retracting seat belt!

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