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Get Them Repaired and Working Like New For a Fraction Of The Price.

  • Save up to 80% when repairing with us
  • Compatible with All Makes & Models
  • 24 Hour Turnaround on all Repairs
  • Repaired using 100% OEM Parts
  • Backed up by a Lifetime Warranty

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“Quick and easy process of getting items shipped to them for repair. 24-hour turnaround on repairs as advertised. Quality work at a reasonable price. Very satisfied, will be using them again.”

- Terrell J.

“Dealer wanted $700 to put a new module in my car. It took me 10 mins to get the old one out 1 week to get it reset and 10 mins to put back in. No more air bag light! You guys are awesome!”

- Jef K.

“Very very pleased with your service. I sent to repair a pair of stuck seat belts on Monday and I had them back on Tuesday at my door. Repaired for half the cost of replacing.”

Giovanni V

“I put it in and the airbag deployment light went out. Everything is back to perfect working condition. Save me around $300.00 thanks a million!”

- Mitch B.

“Thanks for fixing my seat belts and airbag computer. The computer while I waited. Everything was put back together, and the warning lights are all gone. Happy customer.”

- Chris B

“These people are fantastic. No more codes and no more red lights in my dash. The module is now like new form the factory. I am very happy and I strongly recommend safety restore.”

- Mario B.


Save Money with Seat Belt Repair & SRS Airbag Module Reset Service

Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident or your seat belts have become worn over time, there is no need to buy expensive new seat belts or airbag modules. We specialize in seat belt repairs and airbag module reset services after accident, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

As a professional post-accident restoration company, we provide our services nationwide to businesses and individuals working with salvage vehicles and rebuildables.



By only using OEM parts, we ensure your seat belts are always repaired to factory specifications. That is why we offer Lifetime Warranty on all off our repairs!

On top of that, if you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll provide you with a full and complete refund — so now you can order your repairs with complete peace of mind.

Seat Belt Repair Services

If your vehicle’s seat belt is damaged in any way, we can fix it. There’s no need to worry about expensive seat belt replacement! Instead, we’ll provide you with a fast and affordable alternative for your vehicle.

seat belt


Seatbelt Damaged in Accident?

We can repair your vehicle’s seat belt following an accident. With our seat belt repair service, we’ll repair your seat belt using OEM parts, fixing any parts that have locked up or become damaged including:

  • Seat belt retractors
  • Seat belt pre-tensioners
  • Seat belt buckles

The repairs arrive back to you ready-to-go and they’ll function like new. There are no do-it-yourself kits and not much technical knowledge is required.

seat belt


Seat Belt Webbing Damaged?

We provide a seat belt webbing replacement service if your seat belt is frayed, fraying, ripped, cut, torn, worn out or is chewed by your dog.

We’ll fix it for you fast so it will look like new. You may choose to go with a color match or upgrade to a custom color seat belt!


We reset SRS modules erasing crash data and hard codes, resetting your airbag light — helping you save money. With our repair services, you are now able to reuse your existing SRS airbag modules without spending thousands of dollars!

air bag


Airbag Deployed?

Your vehicle’s airbag light might be on in the dash. Be assured that if the airbags did not deploy, our seat belt repair will reset the airbag light.

However, if the airbags did deploy, you will need to have your SRS airbag module reset. When we reset your airbag module, we erase all crash data and hard codes in compatible SRS airbag module computers (ECU, RCM, SDM, ACM).

Simply mail in your SRS airbag module for our fast 24-hour reset service and you’ll be driving your vehicle again safely in no time!

How to PLACE Your Order

We have a simple and straightforward process for getting your seat belts repaired and airbag modules reset:

Place Your Order

Find and purchase the correct service.

Seat Belts Airbag Modules

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Pack It and Ship It

Package your parts along with your address & contact info and ship it to us.



We’ll repair and ship back your items along with the installation instuctions within 24 hours.

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Acura TSX Airbag Module Reset



Acura TSX Airbag Module Reset - Crash Data & Hard Codes Erased after Accident

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Acura TSX Airbag Module Reset - Crash Data & Hard Codes Erased

Is your Acura TSX airbag light on? Crash data or hard codes stored after accident? We can reset your Acura SRSmodule for only $50! If your airbags deployed, you will need this service. All Acura TL models that have been in a crash, are salvage or have the airbag light can be reset!
This SRS airbag module reset service is compatible with the following Acura TSX models,


Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C013-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C020-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C040-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C041-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SJA-A010-M2 Denso 152300-7054
Acura TSX - 77960-TL0-A012-M1 TRW 
Acura TSX - 77960-TL0-C011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A010-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A012-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A020-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL7-A010-M1

You will need to remove your Acura TSX SRS unit, computer or controller and mail it in to:


We offer 24 HOUR TURNAROUND on all Acura TSX airbag modules!

Safety Restore is the nationwide leader in post-accident restorations, specializing in SRS airbag module reset services, seat belt repairs, seat belt retractors, seat belt pretensioners and seat belt webbing replacement. We use various industry-standard software and hardware to reprogram your SRS unit back to OEM/factory condition. In certain instances, we may open your module and connect directly to the eeprom chip where the crash data and hard codes are stored. We erase all codes to make your Acura TSX module like new again. SRS programmers and airbag reset tools such as airbag ODB scan tools cannot erase the crash data! Even your Acura dealer cannot reset the module and will try to sell you a new Acura airbag module. Save hundreds to thousands of dollars by reusing your existing Acura TSX airbag module and be safe again. 

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