Acura Airbag Module Reset



Acura Airbag module reset service: Crash data & hard codes cleared!

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CALL: (855) 552-7233

TEXT: (413) 454-5570

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Is your Acura airbag light on? Crash Data stored? Hard codes? You are now able to re-use your existing airbag module with our reset service! Your Acura module will be restored back to its factory condition and will not require any additional programming. Just Plug & Play! This service is 100% compatible with our seat belt repairs. If your Acura dealer told you that you need a new module - that is not true!

To ensure that your Acura model is compatible, see the list below or call us at (855) 552-7233 Mon-Fri 9-8 EST

Acura CL - 77960-S0K-A82-M1
Acura CL - 77960-S0K-A91-M1
Acura CL - 77960-SS8-A81-M1
Acura CL - 77960-SY8-A01

Acura CSX - 77960-SNB-C240-M1

Acura ILX - 77960-TX6-A012-M4
Acura ILX - 77960-TX6-A020-M4

Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-A813-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-A814-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-A815-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-C020-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-C030-C1
Acura MDX - 77960-S3V-C111-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-STX-A010-M1
Acura MDX - 77960-STX-H010-M1

Acura RDX - 77960-STK-A210-M2
Acura RDX - 77960-TX4-A011-M4
Acura RDX - 77960-TX4-A020-M4
Acura RDX - 77960-TX4-A030-M4

Acura RL - 77960-SJA-A010-M2
Acura RL - 77960-SJA-A020-M2
Acura RL - 77960-SJA-A030-M2
Acura RL - 77960-SJA-A041-M2
Acura RL - 77960-SJA-L031-M2
Acura RL - 77960-SZ3-A920-M1
Acura RL - 77960-TY2-A112-M1

Acura TL - 77960-S0K-A11-M1
Acura TL - 77960-S0K-A91-M1
Acura TL - 77960-S3M-A11-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A011-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A020-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A111-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A112-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A120-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A121-M1
Acura TL - 77960-SEP-A212-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A011-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A012-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A111-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A120-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A720-M4
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-A730-M4
Acura TL - 77960-TK4-X111-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK5-A010-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK5-A011-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK5-A111-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TK5-A710-M4
Acura TL - 77960-TK5-X011-M1
Acura TL - 77960-TL0-A021-M1
Acura TL - 77980-TK5-A720-M4

Acura TLX - 77960-TZ3-A040-M1

Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C013-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C020-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C040-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SEC-C041-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-SJA-A010-M2
Acura TSX - 77960-TL0-A012-M1 
Acura TSX - 77960-TL0-C011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A010-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A011-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A012-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL2-A020-M1
Acura TSX - 77960-TL7-A010-M1

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Your Acura will need to have its SRS airbag module repogrammed if it was involved in a car crash or an accident. All Acura models are equipped with an SRS system that contains airbags and seat belts. We clear all crash data and codes in your Acura airbag module. 

  • Acura CL airbag module reset
  • Acura CSX airbag module reset
  • Acura ILX airbag module reset
  • Acura MDX airbag module reset
  • Acura RDX airbag module reset
  • Acura RL airbag module reset
  • Acura TL airbag module reset
  • Acura TSX airbag module reset