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Scion SRS Airbag Module Reset



Scion SRS Airbag Module Reset - Clear Crash Data & Hard Codes



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Scion SRS Airbag Module Reset - Clear Crash Data

Is your Scion SRS airbag light on after accident? Salvage car? Airbags deployed? Crash data or hard codes stored? If so, we can reset your Scion SRS airbag module back to factory condition - erasing all crash data and hard codes after accident! We reprogram your existing SRS airbag module back to factory condition.

A Scion dealer will not be able to reset your SRS airbag module and neither will a scan tool. 

This service will reset your airbag light on and all codes! If your seat belts are locked, blown or not retracting, you will also need to have those repaired. We offer this service!

An SRS airbag module is the computer responsible for all airbag-related components in your Scion. This includes crash sensors, airbags along with the steering wheel clockspring, seat belt retractors, seatbelt pretensioners and seat belt buckles. 

Your SRS unit, ECU, ECM, airbag controller will need to be mailed in to us for repair! Mail your SRS airbag module to:

40 MAIN ST. 

Questions? Call (855) 552-7233 M-F 9-5 EST

We offer 24 hour turnaround on all Scion SRS airbag modules!

This service is offered to shops & individuals worldwide! Thousands of U.S. customers nationwide depend on getting their SRS airbag light reset by mailing in their SRS airbag modules to us for reprogramming, erasing all crash data and hard codes. We save our customers hundreds to thousands of dollars by having them re-use their exising SRS airbag modules.

How do I remove my SRS airbag module?

  1. Disconnect your car's battery. This is a safety precaution.
  2. Located the module. It is usually located under the center console towards the back. You will need to remove the trim and the continue ti unbolting the unit and disconnecting the wires.
  3. Once removed you can reconnect the battery.

Why is it important to reset the SRS airbag module?

The SRS airbag module is a very important computer controlling all airbag-related componenets. If it is not functioning properly, you are putting yourself and others at risk! Besides, your car will not be safe to operate and will not pass inspections. 

Our service is compatible with all of the following Scion SRS airbag modules. Please see the part numbers:

Scion FR - S Scion iA Scion iM Scion iQ Scion tC Scion xA Scion xB Scion xD

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Scion tC - 89170 - 21130 Denso 150300 - 7150 - 93c66
Scion xA - 89170 - 0W240 TRW 210833 - 101 - 25040
Scion xA - 89170 - 52420 - 93c56
Scion xA - 89170 - 52B00 - 93c66
Scion xA - 89170 - 52B10 - 93c66
Scion xB - 89170 - 12580 Denso 152300 - 9612 - 93c66
Scion xB - 89170 - 12A40 - 93c66
Scion xB - 89170 - 12A40 Denso 150300 - 6970 - 93c66
Scion xB - 89170 - 52390 - 93c56
Scion xB - 89170 - 52860 - 93c66
Scion xD - 89170 - 52620 - 93c66
Scion xD - 89170 - 52B30 Denso - 93c66
Scion iA - DA6A 57K30 A Bosch 0 285 012 159 - 95128
Scion iA - DA8A 57K30 A Bosch 0 285 012 155 - 95128
Scion tC - 89170 - 21070 Denso 152300 - 7781 - 93c56
Scion tC - 89170 - 21080 Denso 152300 - 7781 - 93c56
Scion tC - 89170 - 21090 Denso - 93c56
Scion tC - 89170 - 21100 Denso 152300 - 9891 - 93c56 

Do I have to replace my airbags?

Yes! The airbags will need to be replaced prior to having your reset SRS airbag module installed. If your airbags are not replaced and you reset your SRS airbag module, your codes will come right back up! Airbags should always be replaced and installed when operating your vehicle for safety. Please do not put yourself or anyone else at risk by not replacing the airbags. We do not work with airbags, but highly recommend that you always purchase brand-new airbags from your dealer or an authorized reseller. 

What codes do you erase?

We erase all crash data and hard codes in your Scion SRS airbag module. You can see or read the codes your system has generated using any OBD airbag scan tool such as the Autel AutoLink AL619 Scan Tool

Mail in your Scion SRS airbag module to us for a full reset:

40 MAIN ST. 

Questions? Call (855) 552-7233 M-F 9-5 EST

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Scion SRS Airbag Module Reset

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