Cadillac V-63 Seat Belt
The Cadillac Type V-63 is considered a large luxury vehicle that was introduced in September 1923 by the manufacturer Cadillac as a 1924 model, replacing the previous Type 61 model. It used the GM C platform (also known as the C-Body) was a front-wheel-drive and was replaced by the Cadillac Series 355. One of the things that made Cadillac famous was the L-head V8 engine which was used and improved in the V-63. The main innovation was a cross-plane crankshaft which improved balance and smoothness. Peerless which patented this design and Cadillac agreed to share the innovation, which has now become common. Another innovation in the V-63 was front-wheel brakes. A line of "Custom" bodies was added for 1925 to the V-63, but the vehicle was otherwise the vehicle did not change much. The V-63 was refreshed for 1926 as the Series 314. It was built at the Cass Street and Amsterdam Avenue factory in Detroit, with the body provided by a number of coachbuilders, including Fleetwood Metal Body in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

The Cadillac V-63 is a beautiful antique vehicle and should always be kept in mint condition if you own one. If you are someone that owns this rare and remarkable vehicle, you probably drive it around to show it off. Keeping everything maintained especially the safety components. These vehicles usually don’t have airbags in the steering wheel, but getting one can be crucial. An airbag can save your life and can prevent the risk of injury or death. If you do get into a minor accident, make sure you get an airbag module reset. Safety Restore reset thousands of airbag modules and helped customers saved thousands of dollars.

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