Cadillac Type 61 Seat Belt
Cadillac introduced the Cadillac Type 61 in September of 1921 and it remained in production through the 1923 model year, with production totals of about 41,000 units. The 1922 Cadillac models were named the Type 61 and were available in 12 body styles on a single 132-inch wheelbase. There were not that many changes from the Type 59 and 60 models of 1920 and 1921, which included a higher radiator and raised hood shoulders on Type 61. It even featured aluminum, lightweight hood and a lowered center of gravity while keeping the same ground clearance as before by using smaller diameter wheels.

This was the vehicle to have back then, it was absolutely stunning, and it was very luxurious. The one thing they didn't have were seat belts. Seat belts started coming out in the early 1930s and in 1968 the federal government mandated that all new cars include seat belts at all seating positions. Seat belts are there to protect you from a car accident and are there to protect you from jolting around the vehicle. If you own a vehicle that does provide seat belts and you are in need of a seat belt repair, then Contact Safety Restore. Safety Restore has many options for you, they offer seat belt buckle repairs, pretensioner repairs, tensioner repairs, seat belt webbing repairs, and so much more. They use only 100% OEM parts on all repairs and offer a lifetime warranty on them.

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