Cadillac Type 57 Seat Belt
The Cadillac Type 57 was produced for the 1918 model year. They were offered in ten different body styles and could also be mounted on two different wheelbase sizes. Production of Type 57 was from August of 1917 through December 1919 with total sales exceeding 45,000 cars. This vehicle has a lot of history to it, it was said that the 1918 Type 57 was bought by a doctor in New York. He then donated the car to the war effort and volunteered himself to serve as a driver of the vehicle. The Cadillac found its way towards the front lines in France and was eventually used by the great Eleanor Roosevelt for a few months. After the war, it eventually found its way home and, down the line, into the hands of its current owner.

The Cadillac Type 57 was used by so many even the wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt, it also served in the war and collected the history of the years. Owning the Type 57 is like owning a piece of history.  Sadly these vehicles are not the best to drive in modern times, because they don’t have the safety components that you need to keep everyone in the vehicle safe. For example, they didn't have seat belts because seat belts only became popular in the 1960s. However, if you do own a vehicle with seat belts, and they are worn out, or torn it is best for you to get a seat belt repair. Safety Restore can help with all your needs, they even offer dog chewed seat belt repair services, and seat belt repair after an accident repair services.

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