Cadillac Series 90 Seat Belt
The Cadillac Series 90 was produced and manufactured by Cadillac between the years 1930’s and the 1940’s. It didn’t always have that name, it was only given the name the Series 90 in 1936 as Cadillac reorganized their model names. Furthermore, only fifty-two units were sold that year, with almost half ordered as limousines. Hydraulic brakes were added for 1937, and that was the last year of production. In 1937 on fifty vehicles were produced. The V-16 "Series 90" and V-12 "Series 80 and 85", were essentially merged together in 1938 with the introduction of the new L-head V-16. The Cadillac Series did not last long in production but was still a fantastic vehicle to own.

A rare vehicle to own nowadays, the Cadillac Series 90. Not many were produced, so if you own one, you definitely own a piece of history. Sadly these vehicles are not the best to drive on modern roads, because they don’t have the safety components that you need to keep everyone in the vehicle safe. For example, they didn't have seat belts because seat belts only became popular in the 1960s. However, if you do own a vehicle with seat belts, and they are worn out, or torn it is best for you to get a seat belt repair. Safety Restore can help with all your needs, they even offer dog chewed seat belt repair services, and seat belt repair after an accident repair services.

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