Cadillac Series 80 Seat Belt
The Cadillac V-12 was renamed the Cadillac Series 80 in the year 1936. The Cadillac Series 80 not only featured a 131" and 138" wheelbase respectively. However, it also included an overhead-valve V12 that featured a 45-degree arrangement of a cast-iron block. The Series 80 had a three-speed synchro transmission linked to the engine to a semi-floating rear axle. Another interesting thing to know about that year 1936, was that it was marked the first year Cadillac introduced four-wheel hydraulic brakes on their V-12 series. In 1937 the Cadillac Series 80 ended production. The Cadillac Series 80 was only produced for one year.

When this car was being built the only thing it did not include was seat belts. Seat belts started coming out in the early 1930s and only in 1968 did the federal government mandated that all new cars include seat belts at all seating positions. Seat belts are there to protect you from a car accident and are there to protect you from jolting around the vehicle. If you own a vehicle that does provide seat belts and you are in need of a seat belt repair, then Contact Safety Restore. Safety Restore has many options for you, they offer seat belt buckle repairs, pretensioner repairs, tensioner repairs, seat belt webbing repairs, and so much more. They use only 100% OEM parts on all repairs and offer a lifetime warranty on them.

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