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Cadillac Series 72 Seat Belt
Cadillac came out with a new model the Cadillac Series 72 and it was only produced in the year 1940. The Series 72 had the same main appearance as the Series 75, however, it was three inches shorter and it was also set apart by rectangular taillights. The taillights were set high on the sides of the trunk. Recirculating ball steering was also tried on Series 72 in 1940, and this was used on all series in 1941. Like the Cadillac Series 75, Series 72 was a Fleetwood body style but rode on a 138 in wheelbase.

Not many things were changed for the Cadillac Series 72, except the wheelbase that it drove on. It also wasn’t produced for a long time as it was produced in the year 1940. Furthermore, to its lack of new features, another thing it lacked was a couple of safety features. One of the safety equipment that it did not have was seat belts. Seat belts are very important to keep you and your passengers safe in case of an accident or a collision. If you do own a vehicle with torn, frayed, or ripped seat belts then it time to get a repair. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in not only seat belt repair but also seat belt buckle repairs. They offer dog chewed seat belt repairs, and seat belt repairs after an accident services. They even offer seat belt webbing repair and use only 100% OEM parts on all of their repairs.

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