Cadillac Model T Seat Belt
The Cadillac Model T was released on October 1, 1908.  The Model T was a Series Production Car and was built in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It was sold by the Ford Motor Company from 1908 to 1927. Some interesting facts about this automobile, it had a Leland & Faulconer Single Cylinder engine which was located under the front seat. The Model T had a steel body over a steel frame and it was also a 4-seat runabout body on the 82 inch wheelbase chassis. Another fact about this Cadillac is that it had a 2-Speed manual transmission as well. The Model T was selling for $850 and could also be ordered with an optional Cape Cart top for $115.

The Model T was very affordable back then and it became so popular at one point that a majority of Americans owned one. Between the years 1913 and 1927, Ford factories produced more than 15 million Model Ts. Sadly by the mid-1920s many consumers had a lot more choices of touring car models, and production of the Model T ended in the year 1927. These were amazing cars, but they didn’t have the safety components that a car needs today. Seat belts are mandatory in all vehicles that are being built today. If you notice that your seat belt is frayed, torn or ripped make sure you get it repaired right away. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in seat belt repairs and replacements. They offer dog chewed seat belt repair services and seat belt after accident repair services as well. They even offer seat belt webbing repairs, where they can get a color match on your original seat belt or you can customize a color. They will save you time and money on all your seat belt repairs.

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