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- Brendan P. (Jan 24, 2019)

“easy and very fast service, will use this company again for future repairs”

- Kelvin C. (Jan 7, 2019)

“This is the second time i have used safety restore for seatbelt. Quick an very good service.”

- John M. (Jan 4, 2019)

“Had an excellent experience! Excellent Job and Fast Service”

- Daniel H. (Jan 11, 2019)

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Cadillac Model A Seat Belt
The Cadillac Model A was first staged in January in the year 1903 for the New York Auto Show, and only 3 were completed at that time. Interesting enough all three were sold at the show and mid-week 2,286 orders were taken for the automobile. Production on the Model A began in March 1903 and produced a total of 1,895 units from March 1903 to March 1904. The 2-seater runabout cost $750; an optional rear entrance detachable tonneau cost $100 and doubled the occupant capacity. The entire body was bolted to the chassis and could be lifted without removing or disconnecting any plumbing or wiring. There were a couple of different options to choose from or this model, for example, you can get a bolt-on rear-entrance tonneau containing two more seats for the price of $100. Another option that you can choose was a leather top, side curtains etc. for $50, a rubber top, side curtains etc. for $300. Other options were head and side-lamp, and alternative chain sprockets to adjust road speed.

Cadillac made it possible for people to have a choice on how they wanted their vehicle to look, and what features it could have. Unfortunately, many safety components that we had now were not in vehicles back then and were lacking the proper protection that people need today. One of the safety features it was missing is seat belts. Seat belts are mandatory in all vehicles that are being built today. If you notice that your seat belt is frayed, torn or ripped make sure you get it repaired right away. Safety Restore is a company that specializes in seat belt repairs and replacements. They offer dog chewed seat belt repair services and seat belt after accident repair services as well. They even offer seat belt webbing repairs, where they can get a color match on your original seat belt or you can customize a color. They will save you time and money on all your seat belt repairs.

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