Cadillac 60 Special Seat Belt
Cadillac Sixty Special was reserved for some of Cadillac's most luxurious vehicles its name was used to denote a special model since the 1938 Harley Earl-Bill Mitchell-designed extended wheelbase derivative of the Series 60, also referred to as the Fleetwood Sixty Special. All the new styling appeared in the year 1969, and the two Sixty Special models had distinct rooflines from the other Cadillacs. Cadillac's main priority was safety, which introduced a new steering column that not only was designed to absorb impact and collapse in a collision but also had new Federally-mandated theft-deterrent features which included an ignition key switch activated steering wheel and transmission shifter lock mechanism. As also mandated, head rests were standard on front seats, while seat belts were provided for all six passengers.

Keeping your all six passengers safe is very important and if your seat belts do not work properly, you may be at risk of injury.  Seat belts were designed to keep you from jolting around the vehicle if you ever got into an accident. Seat belts over time need to have either a seat belt repair or replacement service so they can work properly. Safety Restore has three different stage seat belt service options that will be perfect for your type of vehicle. They also provide you the option on if you want your seat belt webbing color-matched or if you want a custom color. Safety Restore has many options for you to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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