Cadillac 452 D Seat Belt
In 1934, Cadillac came out with a new Model the Cadillac 452 D. It was updated to the V16 to include a new knee-action front suspension, not only this but along with several other changes defined the Series 60 V16. The Cadillac 452 D was built in the United States of America, but sadly only ran production for only one year. It had a 45-degree V16 engine located in the front longitudinal. The Cadillac usually had a natural aspiration and was made of cast iron block material. An Interesting fact about this vehicle was the engine designer was Owen Necker. Owen Necker was an American automotive engineer. He was hired in 1926 by Cadillac general manager to work at the Cadillac Division of General Motors Corporation. Furthermore, Owen also developed Cadillac's V-12 that shared tooling and many components with the V-16.

There are many interesting facts about the Cadillac 452 D, and whom it was designed by. One thing that is very interesting and good to know about that 452 D was some of the things it was missing in the vehicle. You see in Seat belts were first used in the early 30s, but it wasn't until the 1960s that American automakers began putting seat belts in their cars. Also in the year 1968, the federal government made it mandatory that all new cars include seat belts at all seating positions. If you do own a vehicle with torn seat belts then you should look into a company like Safety Restore that specializes in seat belt repair. They offer many services and provide quality work to their highly skilled professional technicians. Safety Restore even offers seat belt webbing repair, where they color match your seat belt or can even customize the color of your choice.

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