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Cadillac 452 B Seat Belt
After one year of production, Cadillac looked into their flagship model and the second series car became known as the Cadillac 452-B. The main changes that happened to the vehicle included relocating many components under the hood and a new lined radiator which was only used for the year 1932. Suffering from the great effects of the great depression in that year, the 452-B was sold in much smaller numbers than the first generation cars. A couple of the 1932 Cadillac V-16 452-B are still sold today, for example, the Madame X Imperial Sedan – sold for $264,000, the vehicle is exceptionally rare to have because it was one of four built. Also, there were just three owners when it was first purchased. Another one that was sold was the 1932 Cadillac V-16 Fisher All-Weather Phaeton and this one was sold for $291,500. It was one of only 300 top-of-the-line Cadillac V-16s made in 1932. Furthermore, it was also believed to be one of three survivors with elegant yet sporty coachwork.

As you can see owning one of these is very rare because not many were produced by Cadillac. Driving one of these vehicles would make everyone turn heads, and definitely snap some photos of it. The Cadillac 452 B had everything you wanted in that year, but the only thing it was lacking was safety components. If you were to drive it around now it would be very dangerous because one of the safety components that it didn't have was seat belts. Seat belts are there to protect you if you get into a collision or a car accident. If you do own a vehicle with torn or frayed seat belts then it is time to get them repaired. Safety Restore is a great company that can help with all your seat belt repair needs. Whether you need a pretensioner repair, a tensioner repair, or a seat belt buckle repair they can help. They also provide a dog chewed seat belt repair service and a seat belt repair after an accident service. They use only 100% OEM parts and will get your seat belt back to you within 24 hours or less.

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