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Toyota T100 Seat Belt
The Toyota T100 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by Toyota from 1992 to 1998. It has a full-size pickup bed (8 feet long) but still had the engine and suspension setup of the smaller older Toyota Truck. Though it was larger than the competitive Dodge Dakota and the compact Ford Ranger, it was still smaller than full-size American trucks. As a result, it occupied its own niche. However, the T100 didn’t do so well in the market as many claimed it was still too small and because it lacked the V8 engine.

When it comes to safety, the Toyota T100 has good ratings, either 4 or 5 stars in the front crash driver and passenger categories. Either way, you want to make sure you do whatever you can to make sure you are protected as best as can be. You want to make sure its SRS is fully working and in good condition so it can do its best in protecting you if ever in an accident. This is to ensure the vehicle can protect you the best way it can in the event of an accident. What is a good safety feature if it does not work? If you are in need of Toyota T100 seat belt pretensioner repair, cluster repair, or anything else for the Toyotas SRS, Safety Restore will be able to help. All of their services are incredibly affordable, like the Toyota T100 seat belt pretensioner repair that is only $64.99! Visit to learn more.

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