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Toyota Land Cruiser Seat Belt
The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by Toyota since 1951 to the present. The Cruiser is the longest running series of models and have sold over 6.5 million of them up to the year 2018. The Land Cruiser has gone through many versions of its body styles, including being a convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and cab chassis. Its reliability and longevity has made it incredibly popular throughout the countries it is sold in, especially in Australia. Australia is a very tough environment in both temperature as well as terrain, making it a pretty difficult place to drive in general so the Toyota Land Cruiser is definitely a great vehicle if it can stand to those variables.

Alongside the Toyota Hilux, the Toyota Land Cruiser is also used by militant groups in war-torn areas. The Toyota Land Cruiser does have some short falls though. It has clumsy third row seats and a lack of space there. The brakes are touchy, making it hard to stop smoothly and it also has poor fuel economy, even for a large SUV. However, the Land Cruiser plays very well off-road, it has a comfortable ride for a large-truck style SUV and offers the driver a good view of the road ahead.

The Land Cruiser offers several great safety features as well. Here are a few.The Cruiser has a pre-collision system that detects cars and pedestrians automatically ahead and warns you about them. It can even break if necessary. It also has lane departure alert and dynamic radar cruise control. These and other system in your vehicle like the SRS all need to be in good condition for it to work the best it can however. If you are in need of Toyota Cruiser seat belt repair, airbag module reset, or anything else regarding the cars SRS, visit to see how they can help you.

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