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Honda Civic del Sol Seat Belt

The Honda Civic Del Sol is a two-seater Targa top car with a front-engine and front-wheel drive. It was created in the 1990s as a successor to the well known Honda CR-X with a price tag ranging from $1,300 to $4,000 in good condition. Its name comes from its sunroof feature because del Sol translates to “of the sun” in Spanish. It has a removable hardtop that can be stored away in the trunk and a retractable rear window. The Del Sol model was rated as the most important Japanese sports car for a decade. Sales and production of the Honda Civic Del Sol ended in 1997 within the United States and in 1998 in other areas.

There aren’t much safety ratings available for this model, however, it is a successor to the CR-X, it may be similar in that area. With the issue of safety in mind when driving, it is important to keep your vehicle in factory condition to ensure it can work as best it can in an accident to keep you safe. If your Del Sol needs seat belt repair, speedometer repair, or airbag module reset Safety Restore will be able to help you quickly and affordably. They specialize in your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System which includes seat belt repair. Stay safe, in your energy-efficient Honda Del Sol with the help of professionals like Safety Restore who can help ensure factory conditions on all your SRS parts.

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