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Honda City Seat Belt

The Honda City is a subcompact vehicle produced by Honda since 1981. It was created for the Japanese, European, and Australian markets, though its 3-door hatchback was retired in 1994 after 2 generations. In 1996, the nameplate continued with a four-door sedan model. It was sold under the name Honda Fit Aria for a while in Japan and as the Honda Ballade in South Africa. The sixth generation model was unveiled in 2014 in India. It is Honda’s second vehicle to have the “Exciting H” design and won an award for “Middle East Car of the Year 2014”.

The Honda City has both active and passive safety features that help ensure a safe ride. In the Latin NCAP test, the Hoda City had a five out of five rating in occupant safety as well as a four out of five rating for child safety. So we can say that this vehicle is pretty safe on the road. With safety in mind when driving, it is important to keep your vehicle in factory condition to ensure it can work as best it can in any accident to keep you safe. If your Honda City needs seat belt repair, speedometer repair, or airbag module reset Safety Restore will be able to help you quickly and affordably. They specialize in your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System which includes seat belt repair. Stay safe, in your Honda City with the help of professionals like Safety Restore who can help ensure factory conditions on all your SRS parts.

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