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Honda 600 Seat Belt

Hondas a reliable vehicle that is very well known all throughout the United States. You are likely to see them almost any way you go, whether it is in the streets of New York City, Boston, or the roads of Washington. They have a long history and are one of the oldest companies on the market.

Here is some history on the Hondas. The Honda 600 was the first “mass market” car sold by Honda. The N600 was first introduced in 1969 and the Z600 in 1971, which was a more sporty option. There was about 40,586 of the sedans and coupes sold within the United States between 1970 and 1972. The sedans were the most bought. Even though there were a lot of these models sold, not many of them are still around today. Only about 300 of them are still in working condition. Though, more of them are attempting to be restored.

The Honda 600 had front power disk brakes, a 4 speed all synchro transmission, a tachometer, and a spacious interior, which set it apart from the other model(s). If you get the chance to own such a unique and historic vehicle, I am sure bringing it back to life and maintaining it is a priority. A nice spacious interior provides great opportunity to customize it the way you would like or bring it back to its original glory. Whether you need to repair part(s) of the Supplemental Restraint System or want to make custom changes to the interior, Safety Restore is a great option for any of these and other services. They offer affordable and incredibly turnaround times that also come with a lifetime guarantee. Visit for more information.

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