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Ford Transit Connect Seat Belt
Ford Europe developed the Ford Transit Connect—also called the Ford Tourneo Connect and the Ford Transit Connect Electric—in the year 2002. This compact panel van and leisure activity vehicle is being sold to this day. The global predecessors of the Ford Transit Connect are the Ford Escort Van and the Ford Fiesta Courier, while the North American predecessor of the Ford Transit Connect is the Ford Freestar. The vehicle only began import to the United States in 2010.

The Ford Transit Connect can be found in several body styles, including a 4/5-door panel van and a 4/5-door LAV. The layout of the vehicle is front-engine, front-wheel drive. The first-generation model was designed by a man named Peter Horbury and was created to replace the Fiesta-based Courier van ranges as well as the older Ford Escort. This model features a Ford C170 platform and is related to the Ford Focus. The second-generation model was introduced in 2013 and was designed by a man named Paul Wraith.

If you drive a Ford Transit Connect and want it to serve you for several more years still, you should be doing your best to upkeep the vehicle. One thing, in particular, you should be looking out for is any damage to the seat belts. If you see something wrong with your belts, consider getting Ford Transit Connect seat belt repair from the company Safety Restore right away. Getting Ford Transit Connect seat belt repair will cost you a lot less than purchasing brand new belts at the dealer!

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