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Ford Taurus Seat Belt
The Ford Taurus, whose predecessor was the Ford LTD, is a vehicle that Ford produced from October of 1985 until May of 2019. In the end, Ford decided to discontinue this vehicle because it wanted to concentrate more on its line of SUVs and trucks.

From 1985 to 2007, the Ford Taurus was placed in the mid-size car class, but from 2007 until 2019, it switched to the full-size car class. Throughout its 34 years on the market, a total of six generations were produced.

A fun fact about the Ford Taurus is that it was used in NASCAR racing for the 1998 season. As a matter of fact, it was the first 4-door sedan to receive approval for competing. The first driver to win the Winston Cup—which was the NASCAR sponsor of the time—while driving a Ford Taurus, was a man named Dale Jarrett. The first Taurus driver that won the Busch Series championship was a man named Greg Biffle. All in all, the Taurus was used to win two Busch Series championships and three Winston Cup championships in its day!

Even though the Ford Taurus just left the automotive market, there are many still on the road today and you may very well drive one yourself! If you own this vehicle and notice that the seatbelts—the most important safety features in your car—are not working as good as they did when you first bought your Taurus, consider turning to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore can mend your seat belts with its Ford Taurus seat belt repair service.

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