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Ford Taunus Seat Belt
Ford Germany sold the Ford Taunus throughout Europe from 1939 until 1994. The name was derived from the Taunus Mountains in Germany. The vehicle was placed in both the mid-size car class and the full-size car class and models from 1970 and onward were largely based on the UK’s Ford Cortina. The first Ford Taunus was the Taunus G93A and it was sold from 1939 up until 1942. It featured an 1172 cc four-cylinder engine, a streamlined body, and a long chassis. This was also the first German Ford to be equipped with hydraulic brakes.

A fun fact about the Ford Taunus is that is has had several notable media appearances. In the 1977 film, “A Spy Who Loved Me”, a henchman drove a black 1976 Taunus in pursuit of James Bond in his Lotus Esprit. The car is also featured in “The Big Bang Theory” with the main character, Sheldon, driving the vehicle in one of the episodes. Besides these appearances, the Ford Taunus has been shown in several other shows and films and even written about in a few novels.

If a Ford Taunus has been passed down to you and you have it in your driveway, great for you! As good of a vehicle, it is, however, you may notice that some problems tend to pop up with it, here and there. After all, it is an older model! If you notice any issues with your seat belts, in particular, consider turning to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore will be able to repair your seat belts to factory settings with its Ford Taunus seat belt repair service.

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