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Ford Starliner Seat Belt
The Ford Starliner was manufactured and produced by Ford for a short time frame—from 1960 until 1961. Even though its stint in the automotive market was pretty short, sales were still pretty successful. In the year 1960, 68,641 units were sold and in 1961, 29,669 units were sold. However, in 1962, the Ford Galaxie 500 succeeded the vehicle.

The Ford Starliner is a full size, 2-door hardtop and a fastback version of the Ford Galaxie. Some of its distinguishable characteristics are its fastback styling, slim roof pillars, and slick aerodynamics. The base engine of the vehicle is a 292 CID Y-block V-8, and it has an optional 352 motor.
An interesting fact about the Ford Starliner is that it has been utilized in NASCAR racing. The vehicle offered a fitting platform for various teams to build their racecars. Unfortunately, though, few survivors are alive today because of their racing applications.

Even though this classic is great just the way it is, it can certainly use some upgrading if you choose to do that with the one you own. What car can’t benefit from a little extra love? One way you can upgrade your Ford Starliner is by getting custom Ford Starliner seat belts. By turning to the company Safety Restore, you can pick from a variety of different seat belt webbing colors. In the end, your Ford Starliner seat belts can be transformed from typical black or gray to a new and exciting shade like Ferrari red or neon green!

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