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Ford Pinto Seat Belt
The Ford Pinto—also called the Mercury Bobcat—is a subcompact car produced by Ford in the years 1970 to 1980. While on the market, this vehicle was available as a 2-door station wagon, a 2-door sedan delivery, a 2-door sedan, and a 3-door hatchback.

The Ford Pinto was received well for its proven 1.6 L Kent engine, which was derived from Ford vehicles of Europe. The Pinto was praised by Super Stock Magazine for its great fit and finish and was even given the title of “superior” compared to other vehicles. Car and Driver magazine applauded the Pinto paired with the large 2.0 L engine and front disk brakes, claiming it to be a wonderful commuter car that was simultaneously powerful and nimble. The pinto was also said to have great visibility and to feel like a sports car. Sales of the vehicle were pretty astounding, with the total production of the vehicle exceeding 3,173,450 units! The year 1974 proved to be the most successful, with 544,209 units sold—although the other years’ sales were not too far behind.

If you have a Ford Pinto sitting in your garage but you are not driving it anywhere because of some problems, you should really think about getting those problems fixed. That way you can enjoy the vehicle much more than just by looking at it! If the problems are with the seat belts, in particular, Safety Restore can help. This company specializes in Ford Pinto seat belt repair and will be able to refurbish your seat belts back to factory settings! Simply visit to purchase the affordable Ford Pinto seat belt repair service.

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