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Ford Maverick Seat Belt
The Ford Maverick, also called the Ford Falcon Maverick, is a compact car that was produced in North America from the year 1969 to 1977 and in Brazil from 1973 to 1979. The vehicle also came to be sold in the countries of Venezuela, Mexico, and Canada. The Maverick is related to several other vehicles, including the Ford Granada, the Lincoln Versailles, the Mercury Comet, and the Mercury Monarch.

The Ford Maverick proved to be quite a hit, and—in the first year alone—579,000 units were produced! This outnumbered the Ford Mustang’s sales in that year, which were fewer than 200,000.

Initially available in only a 2-door sedan body style, the Ford Maverick later became available as a 4-door sedan as well. Styling and features of the vehicle were improved upon year by year, but the aspects of the vehicle that came to represent the Maverick were a long hood, a short deck, pop-out rear side windows, and a fastback roof.

If you own a Ford Maverick, but it is sitting in your garage because of issues with its seat belts, consider turning to the company Safety Restore. Safety Restore performs all kinds of seat belt repair services and will surely be able to fix your Ford Maverick seat belt problems. Simply log onto and select the service for Ford Maverick seat belt repair. In no time, your belts will be sent back to you, looking and functioning as they did when they were first placed in the vehicle.

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