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Ford EXP Seat Belt
The Ford EXP—also widely known as the Mercury LN7 and Ford Escort EXP—is a sports compact coupe that Ford Motor Company of North America manufactured in the year 1981 until 1988. Assembly of the vehicle took place in Wayne, Michigan, Milpitas, California, and St. Thomas, Ontario.

The Ford EXP was the first two-seat vehicle of its make to be introduced since the Thunderbird was presented in 1957, and it was formally unveiled at the 1981 Chicago Auto Show. The Ford EXP was lower, longer, and more aerodynamic than its five-seat equivalent—the Ford Escort—although it did share some things in common, including the wheelbase, powertrain, dashboard, and suspension. The Ford EXP’s body style is a 3-door hatchback and it has an FF layout, simply meaning that its internal combustion engine, as well as its driven road wheels, can be found at the front of the car.

Sales of the Ford EXP were terminated after the 1988 model year and the 1989 Ford Probe ended up being the Ford EXP’s successor—although unintentionally. Originally, the Ford Probe was meant to become the 1989 Ford Mustang. Sales of the EXP were never as successful as they were intended to be and many vehicle buyers at that time were attracted to higher-performance vehicles and competitive two-seater vehicles like the Honda CRX and Pontiac Fiero.

Although the production of the Ford EXP has stopped, there are still some of these models on the road to this day. If you own this vehicle, you should take good care of it—as you would any other vehicle. The seat belts are some of the most important—if not, the most important—components you should be regularly scrutinizing. If any signs of wear-and-tear or damage are evident, get Ford EXP seat belt repair immediately. A trusted and true company you can turn to for Ford EXP seat belt repair is Safety Restore.

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