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Ford 300 Seat Belt
Ford Motor Company built the Ford 300 solely for the 1963 model year. By 1964, the vehicle was swapped for the Custom series. The Ford 300 was the base trim level of the 1963 full-size Ford line that was below the Galaxie, Galaxie 500XL, and Galaxie 500. The thing about the Ford 300 was that it had barely any chrome trim or equipment that could be considered “luxury”. It was basically comparable to the Chevrolet Biscayne at trim level. The vehicle was made available as both a 2-door pillared sedan and a 4-door pillared sedan. Each Ford 300 that was built had a “Ford 300" badge on the front fender that was located just behind the wheel wells, and the trunk lid had small block letters spelling out “F-O-R-D”.

Those who most often used the Ford 300 were taxi and police fleets. The Ford 300 had a starting price that was more than $100 less than similar models in the base Galaxie vehicles. However, some regular drivers chose to purchase this vehicle as well because of its cheap price and economy, with the added convenience of a full-size automobile. Interestingly, this vehicle was oftentimes used in drag racing as well—primarily because of its manual transmission and big-block FE-series V8 engines.

If you own a Ford 300 but haven’t been taking it out on the road recently due to seat belt problems, the company Safety Restore can help with its Ford 300 seat belt repair service. When getting Ford 300 seat belt repair there, you can rest assured that the quality of the repairs will be excellent and that your belts will look and work like new once again!

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