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Ford 1 Ton Pickup Seat Belt
Ford Motor Company produced the first generation of the Ford F-Series in North America in the years 1948 to 1952. The F-Series trucks were assembled at 16 different locations. The introduction of the F-Series was intended for the purpose of creating a framework meant precisely for truck use. It is interesting to note that the first generation of the F-Series trucks is the only one created solely with “Flathead” engines (V8 and inline-6) and sans-automatic transmission option.

One of the F-Series models produced was the F-4, which was a 1-ton pickup truck. The gross vehicle weight rating of the Ford 1 Ton Pickup was 7,500 pounds and it had a conventional (light-duty) body style. Although the most popular first-generation model was the F-1—with its 6.5-footbed—the F-4 was still a hit.

Today, the Ford F-4, or Ford 1 Ton Pickup, is considered to be a classic. Depending on the condition it is in, this vehicle can range in price from just a couple thousand dollars to about 50 thousand dollars!

If you have the privilege of owning one of these vehicles, it is probably best that you do all that you can to preserve the life of the truck. That way, you can enjoy it for years to come. One of the things that you can do is get Ford 1 Ton Pickup seat belt repair if the seat belts are damaged or worn out. The company Safety Restore offers quality seat belt repair services and doesn’t charge outrageously either. Visit today to purchase the seat belt repair service your pickup truck may need!

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