Why Repairing Air Bags Is a Must for Many Car Owners

All cars, trucks, and SUVs have front and side airbags to protect passengers upon collision. According to motorist statistics, frontal airbags reduced fatalities in drivers by 29 percent and passengers by 32 percent. Side airbags reduced the risk of death by 37 percent for cars and 52 percent for SUVs. 

Engineers are continually developing ways to improve airbags in vehicles. However, there are situations where car manufacturers need to recall their vehicles due to airbag defects. In this article, we will discuss the importance of airbags and the issue of Volvo car’s airbags. 

How Do Airbags Work?

Airbags are one of the most practical and vital safety innovations in recent decades. They can cushion people during a crash, avoiding significant damage and increasing the chances of survival. Front airbags have been required in many countries since 1999. Side airbags are added by most manufacturers even though it is not required. 

Airbags deploy when a sensor detects a crash and determines that the severity can put the passengers and driver at risk. When the impact is severe, the airbags deploy to protect the occupants from colliding against the vehicle’s interior. Modern front airbags work with a safety belt detector for added safety. 

The sensors in the belt help an airbag detect if it should be deployed, especially if the occupant did not buckle up. If the passenger did buckle up, the airbag would deploy when the car crashes at 10-12 mph. If the occupants were wearing the seat belt, the airbag would deploy at 16 mph. 

The side airbags serve as protection for the head and chest to prevent a person from hitting the side of a vehicle, most notably in side impacts. It also prevents the body from sustaining major injuries. Since the distance between the passenger and the sides is near, the airbags are usually deployed in 10-20 milliseconds. 

Airbags can truly prevent passengers from sustaining major injuries. It protects them from impact and decreases the chance of the passenger flying through the window or windshield. However, there are instances when airbags don’t work properly.

The Case with Volvo 

Recently, Volvo had to recall 54,000 of its cars due to a problem with its airbags. The decision arose when one incident resulted in death tied to malfunctioning airbags. Airbag inflators ruptured during deployment, which sent many fragments flying.

These fragments can instantly kill a person. Fortunately, the inflators will be replaced by a modern propellant and inflator, so the vehicles will now be safe to use. 

Another issue was with SRS control units. These were not properly installed in the vehicle, which can cause the airbags to not deploy on time. SRS control units serve as the main control during airbag deployment. It also stores crash data. When the SRS does not work properly, it can cause injuries or, worse, death. 

Luckily, Volvo was able to detect the problem immediately. To repair the issue, Volvo tightened the screws of the SRS control unit. Doing so can ensure that the system works properly, minimizing injuries. 


Airbags are important to ensure the safety of all occupants in the vehicle. Making sure that it works properly is essential. Volvo may have experienced issues with their airbags, but they were quick to take action. It should be the same way in your vehicles. Have them regularly checked to make sure everything is working properly.

Safety Restore can help you reset the airbag module to make sure it is working properly. We also provide webbing replacements and instrument cluster repairs. Contact our store today to have your car fixed immediately. 

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